Destination Wedding Favor Ideas

Approximately 10% of the couples getting married will have a destination wedding. A destination wedding is a wedding ceremony or celebration typically outside of the couples state of residence.

The most popular destination wedding locations are:
  1. Las Vegas
  2. Hawaii
  3. U.S. Virgin Islands
  4. Jamaica
  5. Bahamas

Many couples travel to areas within the united states that offer beautiful scenery for the purpose of ambiance or to a destination where they may have first met.

With destination weddings becoming more popular, another item added to a brides agenda my be ensuring their out-of-town guests are provided with all the comfort items necessary to make their overnight stay a pleasant one.

One way to make your guests' stay enjoyable and memorable is to have a wedding guest thank you gift or care package in a personalized 8" x 5" x 10" gift bag, displayed on the vanity or night stand of each hotel room, welcoming them to your city and your wedding weekend.

Fill each custom printed gift bag with bottled water and snacks or homemade treats. Maybe you want to add a little romance to your guests' wedding weekend. Try a scented candle, a small bottle of champagne with a couple of glasses and some fresh strawberries or other non-perishable fruit or snack. Use your imagination and be creative.

Assemble you guest welcome bags and box them up before you leave for you destination. This will make it easy to transport and deliver to your hotel. In some cases, you may want to wait until you have arrived at your wedding location to assemble your gift bags. Your may want to add items found locally or, in the case of fresh food favors, it is always best to add to your welcome gifts no more than 24 hours before your guests arrival.

Once you have created your guest welcome bags, your hotel management will be happy to place a bag in each of your guests' hotel rooms prior to their arrival.

Your wedding guests will be delighted to find such a treasure when they check in to their hotel rooms and nothing will make them feel more at home and appreciated than a personal message from the bride and groom.

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Pinching Pennies on Wedding Favors Can Cost You A Lot!

In 2005, it is estimated that couples will spend between $2,000.00 and $250,000.00 on their wedding with the average being $25,000.00.
Major wedding expenses include, the honeymoon, wedding dress, invitations and wedding reception. After the major expenses have been appropriated, many couples find themselves "pinching pennies" for wedding details including bridal accessories, wedding favors and wedding party gifts to accomodate their remaining wedding budget.
Brides and Grooms sift through the internet, looking for the "best deal" to finalize their wedding accessory and favor details. Too often, they realized the hard way "you get what you pay for".
Here are a few tips to ensure your get exactly what you pay for, regardless of cost.

Make A List

Before you go looking for accessories, favors or gifts for your wedding, set down and make a list. Write it down! If you don't write it down, you will be a target for indecisiveness and sales pressure.

Your list should include the following outline:

  1. Your Wedding Theme
  2. Wedding Colors
  3. Weddnig Location
  4. Number of Expected Guests
  5. Members of Your Wedding Party (Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids, Flower Girl, Best Man, Groomsmen, Ring Bearer, Mother and Father of the Bride/Groom
  6. Accessory and Favor items needed

With this list, you now an have a deliberate path to pursue.

Compare Products

Your are now ready to go shopping. Before you start comparing prices, compare products! Too often, couples purchase items based on price, not what they really want. Quality

Compare Service

Also paramount to pricing is service quality. Finding a great price but receiving poor customer service can be stressful and disappointing! Availability of shipping is also a factor.

Compare Prices

You've compared products for quality, styles, options and colors to suite your needs. You have also compared companies for service quality and availability. It is now time to compare prices.

If two or more companies offer the same quality products and services, pricing is a no-brainer. Go with the best price.

But, let's say Company A offers a lower price than Company B but company A does not provide a contact number or has no customer reviews. Company B's prices are a bit higher but you can speak to a live person and their website offers satisfied customer reviews. Save yourself potential stress or disaster and pay a little more.

Make Your Purchase

The steps and preparation listed above will make you an "informed consumer" with a deliberate agenda to purchase the items you need for your wedding with the best quality, service and prices.

Remember, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" and "You get what you pay for"

Health, Happiness and Prosperity to you in your new journey together.


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