Save the Date with Magnets!

Looking for a memorable idea to announce your wedding engagement or special event? Save the Date magnets are a unique and affordable way to announce weddings and many other special events to your family and friends.

From weddings to family reunions and Christmas parties, everyone wants to announce their special occasion or celebration in a special way. They also want their family and friends to remember this special day or occasion so they will be able to attend.

Ever consider using
save the date magnets? Save the Date magnets are usually the size of a business card but with one notable difference. These cards are magnetic!

What happens to most business cards, invitations or bookmarks? They are placed in a wallet or purse, desk drawer or novel, soon to be forgotten. What do people do with a magnet? They immediately stick it on their refrigerator or filing cabinet for all to see. Every time they go to the frig for a snack or to the office filing cabinet, your save the date magnet is there, reminding them of your special occasion.

Just get engaged and want to share it with everyone you know. Send them an
"Engagement" refrigerator magnet announcing your joyous occasion. Available in many themes, you are sure to find a design that shares the moment you and your fiancé were engaged.

Decided on your wedding date and want everyone to keep this day open on their calendars? Send them
wedding save the date magnets announcing the happy couples' names, wedding date and maybe a reminder "invitations to follow".

Like to give practical favors and gifts to friends and family? Refrigerator magnets will be used long after that special day has passed; holding reminders and small pictures of loved ones on the refrigerator door or filing cabinet drawer. You can't you wrong with magnets! Everybody loves and uses them.

Other popular occasions you may want to announce with a save the date magnet include, but are not limited to, birthday parties, Christmas parties, family reunions, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs and retirement parties.

Want to add a more personal touch to your announcement? Have your picture printed on
photo save the date magnets with custom print on your photo or at the top or bottom of your photo. Be creative when announcing your wedding or special occasion! Send a custom printed save the date magnet your family and friends will adore and use as a reminder of your special day.
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