Save the Date Magnets as Wedding Engagement Party Favors

Looking for favor ideas for your engagement party? Consider handing out Save the Date Magnets to your guests as wedding announcements and reminders of your wedding date.

He asked you to marry him and now you are throwing an engagement party to announce the wonderful news to your family and friends. To celebrate this exciting occasion you want to give your guests a small favor in appreciation for their participation.

Most likely, your closest family members and friends will be invited to your engagement party. While you have everyone in the same room you can also announce your wedding date with personalized save the date magnets.

Save the Date magnets are a great engagement party favor for couples who have already decided on their wedding date. They serve a dual purpose of presenting your guests a keepsake to remember this special occasion and to remind them of your upcoming wedding day when they place their magnet favor on their refrigerator or on a filing cabinet in their office.

If your engagement party is a formal affair, you might place a small thank you card containing a fun magnet reminder at each table place setting. To build the suspense, ask your guests not to open their thank you cards until a designated time during your party like after a prepared speech or toast.

Maybe you have decided to give each guest a small gift bag filled with a few homemade goodies or thank you favors to show your gratitude for their attendance. Slip a save the date card and magnet into each bag as well for an added surprise.

If you decide to use Save the Date magnets as favors for your engagement party, be sure to order enough magnets to mail to family and friends that are unable to attend and for those you will add to your guest list as your wedding day draws near.

Plan Your Wedding Details Early!

Don’t wait until the last minute to plan the small details of your wedding including wedding favors, accessories and gifts. You may not get what you are looking for.

As we enter the peak wedding season, from Late April Through the end of September, many brides and grooms begin thinking about the final details of their wedding. These details may include the smaller items, including wedding favors, wedding ceremony and reception accessories and wedding party gifts, not considered until all of the major details have been finalized.

wedding favors include anything from votive candles or place card picture frames to personalized cocktail napkins and favor tags.

Wedding Accessories include keepsake items to complete the wedding ceremony and reception including unity candle sets, ring pillows, flower girl baskets, guest book and pen sets and glassware for the bride and groom and wedding party.

Wedding party gifts are small gifts typically presented to the wedding party by the bride and groom in appreciation of their participation in their wedding day.

A couple may have visited a wedding boutique or wedding supply website just one to two months before their wedding, choosing favors or accessories that are the perfect compliment to their wedding theme, only to find the item they planned to order is out of stock or discontinued when placing their order just weeks before their wedding.

The wedding industry is ever changing in accordance with new trends and demands of wedding couples. Popular items sold the last wedding season may be discontinued this season due to lack of demand or the addition of new wedding favors and accessories or gifts.

More commonly, couples remember to order their favors, like place card holders for their guest tables or accessories to include a ring bearer pillow with matching unity candle, guest book and pen set, with only a week or two remaining before their wedding day. A day or two later, they receive a phone call or email stating that one of the items they ordered is on back-order for three to four weeks due to high demand.

The bride and groom now find themselves scrambling to find a replacement that will match their wedding theme or settling for a favor or item just because they need it to complete their wedding day plans or worse, paying two to three times the original price of an item just because it is in high demand and little or no supply.
The little details are often left until last. Do yourself a favor and avoid unnecessary stress. Order your wedding favors, accessories and wedding party gifts early. How soon prior to your wedding day should you order your favors or accessories? Two to six months is not that far away when you consider how much there is to do in preparing for your wedding and how fast time can slip away.

A Practical and Affordable Idea for Travel Destination Favors

Looking for a practical and affordable idea as wedding favors for your travel destination wedding guests? This idea is a sure winner every time.

Are you planning a destination wedding where your guests will travel and spend a night or weekend in a hotel or having friends and relatives travel to your hometown for your weekend wedding? If so, then chances are you are making wedding gift bags to place in the hotel rooms of your destination wedding guests.

These gift bags are normally filled with a variety of inexpensive comfort items including bottled water, tea or coffee, snacks that are local favorites and literature about local attractions to make your guests’ stay more enjoyable and to thank them for making the journey to participate in your wedding.

Here is another item to add to your gift bags that is a sure winner every time. Along with the assortment of treats or comfort items included in your gift bags, include a small travel sewing kit.

Your guests have packed their “Sunday Best” to wear to your wedding ceremony and wedding reception. They unpack their clothes the day of your wedding only to discover a button has popped off of his jacket or a stitch has come loose on her dress.

For many people, this can be a very embarrassing event. But wait! They have a travel sewing kit in the wedding gift bag they received in their hotel room. A needle, some thread and in just a few minutes, viola!, they’re ready for your wedding.

You can find many sewing kits at your local department store or sewing outlet or you can add a personal touch and make your own sewing kits. Be sure your kit includes neutral colors including white, black and brown threads. These colors will due best with any outfit in a pinch.

Not only is this a great wedding favor, it will be used anytime your friends or family go on a trip. You will be amazed how many of your guests will thank you for this wonderful idea and tell you how it came in handy at the last minute.

Don’t forget to keep one of these handy kits in your dressing room. You never know when a button, stud or stitch may come out of place just before you are ready to walk down the isle on your wedding day.

Wedding Favors - Whose Name is First?

You are ordering personalized wedding favors for your wedding reception. Whose name should be printed first?

A common question asked by many of our customers ordering personalized wedding favors is “whose name should be printed first? Our first response to this question is that 90 percent of all personalized favor orders are printed with the brides name first.

A concern for most brides and grooms getting married is etiquette. Proper etiquette for the presentation of names requires that any time the surname or married name is included on any print; the man’s name should precede the woman’s name.

Most wedding favors, including napkins, matchbooks, favor bags, favor boxes and ribbon, are printed with a design or monogram with the bride and groom’s first name and wedding date below the design or monogram. When the surname (married couple’s name) is not included in the print, it is a matter of preference of the bride and groom whose name will be printed first.

In cases where the surname is included on the favors, etiquette requires the groom’s name is printed before the bride’s name.

There are times when a bride and groom cannot decide whose name is to be printed first. When this happens, I tell the bride it is truly her day. These days, I see men getting more involved with planning and preparing the wedding day details. But when it comes right down to it, the bride is the one who invests more time and energy into planning the perfect wedding. For this reason I say to all you brides “print your name first on your wedding favors. This is your day”.

To all the grooms I say never fear; you will have many opportunities to see your name printed first after you are married.
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