Wedding Favors - Whose Name is First?

You are ordering personalized wedding favors for your wedding reception. Whose name should be printed first?

A common question asked by many of our customers ordering personalized wedding favors is “whose name should be printed first? Our first response to this question is that 90 percent of all personalized favor orders are printed with the brides name first.

A concern for most brides and grooms getting married is etiquette. Proper etiquette for the presentation of names requires that any time the surname or married name is included on any print; the man’s name should precede the woman’s name.

Most wedding favors, including napkins, matchbooks, favor bags, favor boxes and ribbon, are printed with a design or monogram with the bride and groom’s first name and wedding date below the design or monogram. When the surname (married couple’s name) is not included in the print, it is a matter of preference of the bride and groom whose name will be printed first.

In cases where the surname is included on the favors, etiquette requires the groom’s name is printed before the bride’s name.

There are times when a bride and groom cannot decide whose name is to be printed first. When this happens, I tell the bride it is truly her day. These days, I see men getting more involved with planning and preparing the wedding day details. But when it comes right down to it, the bride is the one who invests more time and energy into planning the perfect wedding. For this reason I say to all you brides “print your name first on your wedding favors. This is your day”.

To all the grooms I say never fear; you will have many opportunities to see your name printed first after you are married.
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