Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Part of the adventure of getting married is to expect the unexpected. So when you are planning your day, don’t forget to consider the smaller details and prepare for them. Below are a few suggestions on what to include in your wedding day emergency kit.

Pain Killers/First Aide: Make sure you know what you and your wedding party can take for tension headaches or upset stomachs and have them on hand. Include band aids, ice packs, water, straws and snacks. Also, eye drops will come in handy if anything like hairspray accidentally gets in your eyes.

Nail/Manicure Kits: Broken or chipped nails can be distracting so be sure your manicure kits include a nail file, clippers, nail glue and matching polish for those all too frequent accidents. Also include a bottle of clear nail polish which is perfect for repairing pantyhose.

Sewing Kits: Sewing kits are an absolute must for repairing buttons, small tears, seams and hems that have come unraveled. Make sure to include thread to match the bridal gown, the bridesmaid’s gown, and one to match the groomsmen’s attire.

Miscellaneous: Items you want to include that will help you and your wedding party on your big day. This could range from umbrellas, sunglasses, lint brush, tampons, breath mints, white chalk (to rub over grass stains), stain stick/wipes and white cloth, bobby pins, hair spray, scissors, extra corsage pins, and of course, the all important tissue.

With a little foresight, brainstorming and careful planning, you can handle the unexpected with ease and minimal stress. Let us know if you have a recommendation that will be helpful for brides to include in their own wedding day emergency kit.


At Last - 2010 Color Trends Are Here

Pantone LLC, a leading authority in color innovation, has announced their forecast for 2010's spring color trends and their pick for color of the year.  Turquoise, an inviting shade of blue-green, was recently announced as the pick for 2010's color of the year.  "In fashion, Turquoise makes a statement that can look elegant and dressy in fine silk and gemstones, or casual and fun in cotton and athletic apparel..." says Pantone.

According to a recent press release from the color industry giant, 2010 will also be a year for bright and muted tones ranging from colors like hot pink to earthy greens.  Pantone's picks at a glance:

2010 Spring Color Trends from Pantone LLC

For weddings, we love the idea of taking bolder colors and accenting them with softer hues.  Pantone's Aurora mixed with muted grey would make for a great pairing.  Dare to be bold with a combination like turquoise with bright red or hot pink paired with Pantone's Fusion Coral to create a unique and gorgeous color combination.

What do you think?  We would love to hear from you.  Do you think Pantone got it right?  Let us know your top color picks for 2010.


Planning a Vintage Themed Wedding

Vintage themed weddings have become a very hot trend and will only gain momentum in 2010. Planning a vintage themed wedding can be a fun and unique way of showing of your personality and style.

There can be many different types of vintage weddings depending on which historical time period you like the most. If you and your fiancée are history buffs who want every detail of the wedding to be historically accurate then you will need to do your research. The Web has become an indispensable source for vintage wedding information, from dresses to flower arrangements that capture the era of choice. If, however, you want to just have the feel of that time period without being historically accurate on every small detail, the wedding can be a lot easier to plan and less expensive.

Depending on what time period you are going for, finding vintage clothing can sometimes be difficult. A great way to get around these problems is to have vintage style clothing made to measure by a seamstress or tailor. There are lots of websites that sell vintage clothing patterns. Buying a few patterns is a great way to get the vintage look that you want for the clothing of the wedding party without the hassle, expense, and frustration of trying to find actual vintage clothing.

The small details are the important ones, like using inexpensive Vintage Inspired Antique Place Card Picture Frames or Damask Tapered Favor Boxes. Some other extra touches for a vintage wedding include inviting the guests to dress in period clothing, sending invitations patterned after those found in Harper's Bazaar or Life magazines and hiring a dance instructor to teach the basic dance steps of the wedding's theme era. That way the guests can get in on the fun while they are watching the happy couple start their lives together.


Image Credit:  Vintage Bride

What Next Now That You're Engaged...

You're engaged!  Congratulations.  First and foremost, take a moment and relish in your happiness.  Enjoy the fact that he loves you and that you are about to embark in a lifetime of happiness.  Next, time to plan, plan, plan.  What to do after he pops the question...
1. Set a Timeline - How long is your engagement going to be?  Are you going to plan your wedding within a year or more than a year?  More brides are stretching out their engagement which gives more time to save money and secure the ceremony/reception site of their dreams.

2. Book Your Hall - Reception and ceremony sites can book up a year or sometimes two years in advance.  Be sure to make this your top priority.  Finding the site for your wedding to be held will help determine the length of your engagement, the size of your wedding, and your wedding date. (Don't forget the officiant!  Someone to marry you is just as important and can sometimes book up just as fast as the ceremony site)

3. Set a Date - Once you book your hall/officiant and set a timeline for your engagement, the date of your wedding should be easy!  It normally follows the open dates of your reception/ceremony location.  Once you've decided on the date, announce your big news.  Tell family and friends with engagement announcements like custom save the date magnets.  Your family can stick them up on the frig to brag to their friends about their pride and joy.

4. Set Your Budget - Talk with your fiancé and any other fabulous people helping with the cost of your wedding.  Determine what you will be able to reasonable spend on your big day.  Setting a wedding budget will help you decide on how many people you will invite and how much cash you can throw at the ceremony/reception site, the dress, etc.

5. Keep Notes - Be sure to get a binder to file all those ideas in.  Make sure it has a calendar for important dates and separate areas to keep inspiration photos for flowers, cakes, table settings, gowns, receipts, etc.

6. Go Gown Shopping - Believe it or not, many bridal gowns can take 8+ months to be ordered and come in.  Don't put this off until the last minute.  Make sure you start researching gowns right away.  Take into consideration the time of year you will be getting married.  Summer wedding?  Think airy chiffon or tulle.  Fall or winter wedding?  Look for more heavyweight fabrics like thick satin or velvet.

What can wait until later?  Be sure to take care of these important six points first before diving into the cosmetic parts of your wedding day.  The colors, centerpieces, and favors can wait until you have set your date and budget.  

Congratulations to you and happy planning!


Creative and Fun Wedding Trend - Groom's Cake

A creative and fun trend for 2010 wedding celebrations is the comeback of the groom's cake. This is an old fashioned southern tradition in which the bride honors the groom. The best part of having a groom’s cake is how creative a bride can be with any number of ingredients, shapes and styles that reflect the groom’s hobbies, favorite sports, alma mater, profession, or anything he enjoys. The groom’s cake will add a personal touch as one of the most memorable and delightful parts of the wedding celebration.

Groom's Cake Design

The flavor of the groom’s cake is typically chocolate with strawberries, rich fruit based, liqueur soaked, candy cakes, brownies, or any flavor the groom prefers. The cake may be presented at any time during the wedding celebration. Serve it at the rehearsal dinner as a toast to the groom and a way of thanking wedding attendants, family members and special guests. Or, at the wedding reception, display the groom’s cake near the wedding cake for guests to enjoy throughout the evening. The groom's cake is cut by the groom or the groom and his family and may be served as an alternate dessert with the wedding cake.

The legend behind the groom’s cake indicates the bridesmaids, or single women, were to sleep with a slice of cake under their pillow the same night they received it and if they did, they would dream of their future husband. A great way to incorporate this legend with your wedding reception is to provide personalized cake boxes to serve as your wedding favors for all guests to take home and enjoy. The possibilities are endless so have fun planning.


Wedding Candy Buffets are a Hot Trend in 2010

One of the hottest trends for 2010 wedding reception is the candy buffet. A candy buffet will bring out your inner child and is a great way to thank guests for attending your wedding. In addition to candy buffets being a great wedding favor, they are also a fun wedding decoration.

You will want to find some great candy containers and candy scoops. Clear containers usually work best because they showcase your candy selections and have a charming appeal. Use your wedding colors to inspire your candy selections. You can also tie ribbons around clear glass containers to incorporte different colors or even personalize the ribbon with your names and wedding date. Be creative. The sky is the limit when it comes to how you want to present your candy buffet.

Incorporating some details from your wedding theme can help make your candy favors even more memorable. If you are having an Asian themed wedding you can add fortune cookies. If you are having a Valentine’s Day Wedding you can add candy hearts with little sayings on them. The possibilities are endless.

A wedding candy buffet is a great do-it-yourself favor that your guests will not soon forget. Make sure to include favor boxes or bags so they have something to put their candy selections in. Personalized favor bags with a sweet message or your names and date would be a very nice touch. Make your guests literally feel like a kid in a candy store when they join in the celebration of your wedding.


2010 Wedding Trends and Styles

Weddings have taken on a whole new world of their own in the past decade. For the coming year the trends and styles have once again changed. Some of the hottest wedding related themes and styles for 2010 are going to be natural flowered bouquets, back yard weddings and receptions, styles of photography that will include videography, and lets not forget the wedding dress and accessories.

Vintage style wedding dresses are the newest trend and while they are still fancy, the hemlines have been pulled up quite a bit. It’s all about being short, fancy and sassy in 2010. Accessorize the knee length or tea length wedding dress with short gloves and a birdcage veil for brides who want to show off their great legs and shoes.

Another great comeback is the birdcage style veil.  The birdcage is a vintage style veil that is designed with a jeweled clip or feathered headpiece combined with netting that only covers the face. It creates a dramatic look and glamorous feel that will compliment the shortened wedding dress. I found a really great website with beautiful and one of a kind hand made birdcage veils by artist and designer Dorene Vandermeer. The birdcage veil depicted in the photo is The FLEUR Wedge that you can order as shown or choose from a wide variety of options to create your own individual styled veil.

Photo courtesy of  Maria Mernal


Valentine’s Day Weddings

 Personalized LOVE Frosted Glass Coasters
Getting married in late winter, early spring is the most perfect time of the year. This is because we associate this time with new life, new love and happiness. This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday and I am expecting many Valentine Day Weddings.

February is the month most associated with romance and naturally lends itself to a Valentines style wedding. No doubt your theme will be teaming with romance and the color red! Think white, pink, and of course–red. White flowers represent purity. Pink flowers represent passion. Red represents everlasting love. Put the three colors together and you have a powerful combination that expresses your sweetest sentiments to your spouse and all of your guests.

You don’t want your wedding to look commercialized like the window display at a card store. Avoid large cupid cut-outs and gigantic teddy bears. Of course it’s a themed wedding, but you still want to capture intimacy and elegance. For creating your centerpieces, you can consider large frosted bowls filled with water, lit floating votives, and red rose petals. The table can be accented with red silky fabric tablecloths, which can be cut from a fabric store.

It’s quite easy to accommodate a Valentine’s Day themed wedding with favors. You can give your guests Hershey kisses in an organza bag. Heart shaped wedding favors of any kind would be a big hit. Also the word LOVE would be a great theme for wedding favors. Go all out when it comes to this theme. This is the most romantic day of the year to get married.


Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

Swelling with the holiday spirit, we are so happy to present to you some fabulous personalized stocking stuffer ideas for men.  I always loved waking up on Christmas morning to an overstuffed stocking hanging on the mantel.  Who doesn't love getting a sock full of surprises, no matter what you're age?  It's a tradition that is sure to always be a staple of any Christmas morning.  The great thing about a personalized stocking stuffer is the meaning the custom detailing brings to the gift.  By having a message printed or engraved, you can really speak to his personality.
Personalized stocking stuffer ideas for men
Is your guy a sports enthusiast?  A hunter?  A businessman?  For the man who loves his sports, have a beer koozie custom made with his favorite NFL team.  Have his name or quirky phrase engraved on the back.  For other NFL inspired stocking stuffers, wrap up personalized NFL team shot glasses, money clips, or beer mugs.  For the golf lover, have a terry cloth golf towel or divot tool monogrammed with his initials.  Is your man a hunter?  Have a premium lockback knife or camo flask engraved with his name or monogram.  For the businessman in your life, have a business card case personalized with his company name.

For even more gift ideas to fill his stockings, visit our stocking stuffer ideas for men.


Irish Themed Wedding Favor and Accessory Ideas

Honoring the Irish heritage at your wedding can be interesting to research and fun to put together. As you set out on one of life's greatest journeys, the important thing is to show family and friends how much you appreciate their support and the effort made in sharing your special day.

The Claddagh has been in the Celtic culture as a symbol of the heart, friendship and loyalty. You can easily incorporate the sentiment 'With my hands I give you my heart and crown it with my love' that the Claddagh symbolizes as your Irish wedding theme.
Another popular and long standing Irish symbol is the shamrock that is considered a sign of good luck and can also be added throughout your wedding decor and into the favors. For a little flair and inexpensive creativity, place individual terra-cotta pots of clover at each table setting to carry the shamrock theme and add color to the reception tables.

Tradition is very important to the Irish and will undoubtedly be for many generations to come. Enjoy planning your Irish themed wedding with accessories and favors that will keep your guests feeling lucky and as blessed as you.


How to Set a Beautiful Christmas Dinner Table

Personalized Christmas Tree White Cocktail Napkins
Christmas dinner is the time to bring your loved ones together and create memories that will last a lifetime. One of the easiest ways that you can create a special meal is by creating a beautiful table to serve your meal on.

Start with a tablecloth. It doesn’t have to be expensive but a nice Holiday color that will match the rest of your décor. China is not always a must, especially when you will have a house full of guests and children. Using a simple color palette is the way to go. You can use an inexpensive red charger plate with a green plate on top or vise versa.

Another great way to set a beautiful Christmas table is to create a special centerpiece for your table. This too can be simple and affordable. Simply fill a glass bowl with Christmas bulbs or pine cones. You don’t have to be a designer to create a beautiful table.

For a fun and whimsical touch, add personalized holiday napkins. They come in several different holiday designs with many different colors to choose from. It will also give your table that personalized touch that will make your guest feel at home, not to mention save you from washing a ton of linen napkins.

By following these easy tips, you will be able to make a beautiful table while also getting your creative juices flowing. And as you sit down to your holiday meal, your heart will be filled with Holiday cheer to see how beautiful everything looks!


Brooch Bridal Bouquets by Fantasy Floral Designs

This week we want to pay tribute to the exquisite bridal bouquet designs from  Amanda Heer of Fantasy Floral Designs creates the unexpected by fashioning mini brooches and the accents of your choice into one-of-a-kind bridal brooch bouquets.  We love her use of vintage inspired accents and unique materials.  Why brooches?  Besides being completely unique, your custom bouquet will never wilt or die and can be kept for years as a gorgeous keepsake of your special day.

Bridal Brooch Bouquets by Fantasy Floral Designs

Amanda takes great pride in giving brides her undivided attention, working one-on-one with clients to make their vision become a reality.  During your personal interview with Amanda, she will take notes on your likes and dislikes.  You will go through pictures and portfolios to find the look your after.

To contact Amanda, visit; 949.240.3571.  Located in San Juan Capistrano, CA.  Consultations scheduled on Mon., Tues., and Wed. only.


Personalized Christmas Candy and Cookie Boxes are a Must Have This Holiday Season

Green Christmas Tree Personalized Vertical Tote Boxes
These personalized candy and cookie boxes are just what you have been looking for. They are the perfect boxes for passing out all the Christmas goodies you will either be baking or buying this Holiday Season.

These boxes come in all shapes and sizes. They come with many different holiday designs and letter styles so that you can match the boxes to your favorite Christmas décor.

Save the wrap, tape and bows. With these personalized boxes you can fill them up with what ever treats or gift you have in mind and start passing them out to your mailman, paperboy, co-workers, school teachers etc. The personalized message you add will also save you that tag you normally have to add. Image all the time you are going to save on wrapping presents.

Don’t forget about Weddings! Personalized Christmas candy and cookie boxes are the perfect ideas for Christmas themed weddings. They will make the perfect favor box to send home with your guests. Filling these boxes with homemade holiday treats will not only make a great favor but also save you some money and definitely put a smile on your guest’s faces.


Crafty Boutonnieres from's Peppermintcloud

Take a look at the fresh and innovative boutonniere designs from seller Litton of peppermintcloud.  Litton has an eye for all things crafty and has filled her store with one-of-a-kind bridal hair clips/fascinators and boutonnieres.  We love her use of unique materials, funky color combinations, and retro inspired patterns.
Crafty Boutonnieres from Peppermintcloud
To view more designs from Litton, visit


Affordable Honeymoon Destination Ideas and Tips

Affordable honeymoon destination ideas are easy to come by. When planning your wedding, include a set amount in the budget for your honeymoon and stick to it.  With the increasing cost of international flights and tough economic times, consider less popular overseas locations or traveling within the United States instead of abroad.

A honeymoon registry will help curb costs the same way you register for wedding gifts and will give family and friends the option to pitch in for your trip.  Research all-inclusive package deals at resorts, cruises and hotels that offer honeymoon packages, which may even include airfare. When booking your trip with a travel agency online or in person, always ask for discounts. Discount information is not always readily volunteered, but is available. Also ask the travel agent the least expensive times to travel such as off-season tourist months when it becomes considerably cheaper.

Another great tip, don't be shy, mention often that you are on your honeymoon. Restaurants and hotels will sometimes throw in additional complementary services, such as bottles of champagne, free meals, gift baskets and more.

Whether you are planning your first or second honeymoon it’s best to choose a location that is appealing to the both of you and within your budget. Decide if you will travel by plane or car. Research activities you would like to try or already enjoy doing together for a great bonding experience.


Monogrammed Jager Bomb Shot Glasses will be the Highlight at your Holiday Party

If you are looking for that special accent to add to your Holiday party, look no further. Monogrammed jager bomb shot glasses are a great addition to any party.

The custom engraved jager bomb shot glasses come in a set of 4 and can be personalized with a monogram initial and they are specially designed to hold a shot and a chaser all in one. These shot glasses are not just for jager and red bull. Everyone needs a little turkey for Thanksgiving, try putting coke on the bottom and Wild Turkey on the top. For Christmas try some apple pie, Vodka on the top and apple juice on the  bottom.

Monogrammed jager bomb shot glasses aren’t just for Holiday parties. They can also add fun to your wedding reception, anniversary party or birthday party. They would also make a nice addition to any home bar collection.


A Very Special Christmas Present

Recently I was speaking with a customer who was planning a very special Christmas present for her husband. She had told me that 20 years ago for a wedding gift she had a wallet made for him that had been foil-stamped with his initials and then on the inside fold she has also included a personal message. Because her husband has been carrying around this wallet for so long it is showing some obvious wear. Now after 20 years of marriage and 6 children later she would like to recreate this wallet. With the economy being what it is and 6 children to buy gifts for she didn't want to break the bank either. I was able to help her find just what she was looking for. I know that her husband will be so touched when he opens his new personalized leather wallet on Christmas morning. These are the stories that make my job so rewarding and bring a special highlight to my day.


Wow Your Guests With Personalized Christmas Party Favors

Tis the Season! The holidays are right around the corner and with the season comes company parties, Christmas get-togethers, and holiday gatherings.  For this year's annual party, say a special thank you to guests with custom printed Christmas party favors, cups, and candy boxes.

Poinsettia Personalized Christmas Candy BoxesSick of all those left-overs?  Send guests home with personalized Christmas boxes printed with a custom message.  Have a quirky phrase, thank you message from the family, or holiday greeting printed.  Set each box out for guests so they can dish up any left-overs, cookies, and candies to take home and voila!  You've just made it fun for guests to take home extras and you don't have to worry about eating that left-over turkey for the next week and a half.

Personalized Ceramic Coffee Mugs in Assorted ColorsCompany Gifts? Want to give out a custom company gift to employees?  Have ceramic coffee mugs or holiday wine bottle gift boxes printed with your company logo.  Fill your wine boxes with a bottle of wine and tie with a special thank you tag addressed to the individual.  For the coffee mugs, insert a pouch of hot cocoa and marshmallows into each mug and set at each guest place setting.

Giving your guests personalized Christmas party favors will make them feel like you really put the extra effort into this year's holiday party.  Your guests will love your creativity and will have a one-of-a-kind favor to remember you party with.  Happy Planning!


Christmas Winter Wedding Themed Favors

Snowman clip-on bookmark in winter theme favor box
Christmas is a festive time of year and with so many varieties of affordable Christmas wedding favors to choose from you can have the perfect winter wedding without going over budget.

One great way to convey that festive spirit and save money is with affordable favors like Christmas cellophane favor bags. Fill each bag with edible treats such as candy coated almonds, chocolate mints, red and green candies and cookies. Tie the bags off with keepsakes like a holiday themed key chain, bookmark, or personalized ornament. These special keepsakes will last through each holiday long after the treats are gone. Family and friends won't forget to take home their goodie bags filled with edible treats and these winter themed wedding favors will set the tone for a jolly Christmas wedding reception.


How to Choose the Right Lettering Font Style For Your Personalized Wedding Favors

Personalized 3-Ply Cocktail Napkins in Assorted ColorsOne of the most frequent questions that I get asked by customers is 'What letter style do you recommend?' Choosing the right font style for your personalized wedding favors is simple. It all boils down to your personalized taste. Here are a few tips to make the right decision:

• Think about your style. When deciding between whether to go with classic script fonts or more contemporary block styles, think about the theme you are trying to portray. Is your wedding more modern or is it full of traditional accents? The pros to a script font are that they are very elegant. The downside is that fancy calligraphy can be harder to read. Block styles are much more legible and will give a more modern feel to an event but will not be as elegant as a script font.

• View the lettering style. Be sure when viewing your font style choices to review each letter in its entirety. Take the time to review each letter that you will use for your names, date, message, even the ampersand sign. Make sure it’s what you want and that it meets your personal taste. Classic calligraphy fonts at times can have loops and variations to letters that are not considered the norm. Too many times do brides come to me expressing disappointment that they did not look at the ampersand sign that they chose because they loved the letter B too much.

• Be Creative. This is your special day. Don’t be afraid to be creative. Pick a letter style that best suits your personality. Enjoy all the little details that come with planning your wedding day. It only happens once in a lifetime.


How to Dress Your Thanksgiving Table for Less

Decorating for Thanksgiving doesn't have to mean spending a fortune. Here we've taken a Thanksgiving table setting idea from and broken it down to show how you can get the look for less.

Thanksgiving tablesetting courtesy of Candy dishes made of gourds courtesy of
Pumpkin centerpiece made of mums courtesy of Personalized gold moire holiday cocktail napkins

To create your main focal point, craft a pumpkin centerpiece made of mums (shown above).  Attach mums to pumpkins with hot glue and add leaves and berries for a realistic look.  Truly a conversation piece.  Pumpkins and mums are easy to come by in the fall season.  Visit local nurseries for bargain deals.

For the rest of your table decor, bring in the colors of the season through pumpkins, gourds, leaves, and flowers.  Line up smaller pumpkins along the center of your table at different heights.  Placing your focal points at graduated heights is a great way to stretch out a long table.  For round tables, center your decor in a group to create texture and interest.

For a unique twist, create goodie bowls out of carved gourds (shown above).  Put in snacks like nuts, candies, and other finger foods for a pre-dinner treat.  Perfect for kids and adults alike!  Set out personalized cocktail napkins like these (shown above) next to each bowl to encourage guests to dive in.  Happy Planning!


Personalized Gifts for Men This Christmas Season

Personalized NFL Locker Room Print with Black Matte Wood Frame
What do you buy for the man who has everything? You may have a father, brother, uncle or other male friend or coworker to shop for. You can’t go wrong with a personalized gift. Personalized gifts are custom made and one of a kind. Personalized gifts for men make great holiday gifts. Buy your gift for stocking stuffers or for under the tree.

For the man in your life that is a wine or beer enthusiast, there is an array of different presents that you can find. You can choose from personalized beer mugs, glasses or steins. Wine glasses and wine boxes can also be personalized as well. These personalized gifts will impress the men on your shopping list and show them that you care.

There are plenty of men that enjoy their sports. For the man on your shopping list that has a favorite NFL team, you can get him a personalized NFL locker room print, or a personalized NFL team glass beer mug. What man doesn’t like to see his name printed or engraved on a gift? Adding personalization will give your gift that special touch.


Q & A: When To Send Out Your Save the Date Cards

Personalized Beach Calendar Save the Date MagnetSo often I hear the question from brides, when should I send out my save the date magnets or cards?  For those who do not know what a save the date is, save the dates are reminders that are mailed to guests telling them to save the date for your upcoming wedding or party.  They are typically used for events that fall near a holiday or for destination weddings when guests will need advance notice to plan their attendance.

Save the date announcements are typically sent 3 to 6 months in advance and can be sent in many forms including a cardstock reminder or personalized refrigerator magnet.  Save the date magnets are very popular because they can be stuck to the fridge or filing cabinet as a constant reminder of your special day.  Stick to the fridge, stick in their minds!

By sending your announcements out at least three months in advance, guests will have plenty of time to plan their attendance.  Guests will be able to secure that date before any other plans are made and the advance notice will allow them to make travel arrangements, hotel reservations, and obtain a passport if necessary.  Save the dates are not meant to replace traditional invitations which are normally sent 6 weeks before the actual event.  The reminder instead usually includes less detailed information like the guest(s) of honor's name, type of event, date of the event, and location.  Happy Planning!


Customer Service Specialist Team

Have a question about any of our products or services? Our mission and number one priority is to provide quality products along with the highest level of customer service by answering the phone replying to emails and voice messages by the end of each work day to make planning your special day as easy and painless as possible.

Customer service specialists are trained and available to assist all customers with placing an order, answering questions, and resolving issues or concerns.  Our customer service team also welcomes and encourages new and existing customers to share ideas for new products and feedback on products received.

Orders may be placed on our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer service office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time.  Our offices, production facilities and warehouses are closed on weekends and nationally recognized holidays.  If you need assistance after business hours, please leave a voice message or email and a customer service specialist will contact you the following business day. 

Customer satisfaction is our greatest reward!


How to Start Planning Your Wedding

Couples wedding rings over a marriage licenseWhen planning your wedding the first thing you need to do is get a planner or a tablet so that you can create a check list and keep notes of the things you will need to do. It can take very little effort to access a wide source of wedding information for your wedding planning. You can find information in many places.

One of the best forms of information available is a Bridal Show. Vendors from all aspects of the wedding industry are available and ready to answer all of your wedding questions. Most Bridal Shows have fashion shows so that you can view the new dress designs and options. Many Bridal show also offer cake tasting, product demonstrations and door prizes. At a Bridal Show you will find an endless wealth of information about planning your wedding day. A couple of sites to visit to find Bridal Shows near you are; and


The Blue and White Winter Wedding

Don't you just adore this winter wedding inspiration board. We love the way it captures the romance of winter by fusing robin's egg blue with white on white...on white!
White has a way of making everything seem peaceful, serene, and pure. When combined with sparkling crystal and pops of blue, it creates the perfect backdrop for a wintry wonderland. Great for all you winter brides looking for a big day as unique as the snowflakes that fall.
Let it Snow, Let it Snow!
Blue and White Winter Wedding Inspiration Board

(First Column: A Colorado Wedding by James Christianson, The Carrie Necklace by erinkeys Second Column: Boutonniere from Martha Stewart Weddings, Centerpiece pictures from, Guild Letterpress invitation by Bella Figura. Third Column: Eye candy from Amy Atlas Events, Snowflake sugar cookies by Dianes Cakes and More, personalized Snowflake ornament favor from our picks of winter wedding favors. Fourth Column: Snowflake cheesecake by Gift Tree, A Colorado Wedding by James Christianson.)

Personalized and Monogrammed Tote Bags

Looking for a unique gift for your wedding party or family and friends this upcoming holiday season? With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, personalized tote bags will make a surprising and practical gift for your friends or family members. Most tote bags can be personalized with a 3 letter monogram or name to make it a custom keepsake that will be treasured each time it’s used. Choose a style that best fits the personality of the recipient such as a polyester, canvas, or vinyl tote for trips to the beach, gym/spa, or every day use. Leather totes with extra features and storage compartments are perfect for students or business minded people on the go.

New Icon Personalized Sports Theme Beer Mugs

25 ounce Icon sports beer mug with laser-etched football design and two lines of custom printPersonalized beer mugs are a popular groomsman gift. Traditionally, the groom gives every member of his wedding party, including the best man, groomsmen, father, and ring bearer, a small gift in appreciation for participating in his wedding. Beer mugs are a sure winner for many guys, either as collectibles or as functional vessels to hold their favorite beer.

My Wedding Reception has just added a new line of personalized beer mugs called the Icon sports line. These hefty glass mugs stand 6 3/4 inches tall and are 3 3/4 inches wide to hold 25 ounces of beer or other favorite drink to quench a man-sized thirst. These mugs feature laser-etched designs of players wielding their instruments of the games including football, baseball, hockey, skiing, golf, hunting, pool, and poker. Also available are the 'Varsity' series that sport varsity-style monograms.

Every design theme is personalized with two lines of custom print so names, nicknames, dates, or short, witty phrases can be tailored to admonish the individual each, unique mug is intended for.

Grooms are always looking for a variety of unique gifts for their groomsmen. The 'Icon' sports series beer mug collection offers a greater variety of choices along with our other popular personalized beer mugs.

Must Have Winter Wedding Favors

Winter Themed Wedding Favors including, Snowflake Bottle Stoppers, Snowflake Bookmarks, Snowflake Placecard Holders and Snowflake Gel CandlesWinter is just a few months away and many people are planning Winter Weddings. Today, more and more couples are bypassing the busy spring and summer months in exchange for a whimsical winter wedding. You can create your very own Winter-Wedding Wonderland with winter themed wedding favors.
Wedding Favors serve a variety of purposes - you can thank your guests for attending the wedding, the favors can serve as a special reminder of your wedding day, or they can showcase your interests and/or wedding theme.
Consider a less-is-more approach to your color palette: Silver and white are classic colors and would add some serious glamour to your winter wedding. Use some adorable favors such as the snowflake place card holders or Silver Snowflake Votive Candle Holder.
From snowflake bookmarks to winter-themed place card frames, there is a long list of favors to choose from for your winter wedding! You can find favors to match a glittery snowflake design or go with a more traditional favor.
Another great favor option is a winter-themed bottle stopper. Many guests will be entertaining during the holiday season, and their parties will almost certainly include a bottle or two of wine. Send guests home with a unique bottle stopper from your wedding, and not only can you help keep their leftover wine fresh, you can also create a conversation piece at their next gathering.

How To Plan A Las Vegas Themed Wedding Reception

Silver Playing Cards Personalized with H3-Heart Design and Park Avenue Letter Style in Ebony Matte Imprint Color So you took the gamble and got married in Vegas and now you want to have your reception at home with your friends and family. A Las Vegas themed reception holds many fun planning options and will make your guests feel like they went gone to Vegas with you!
Create a “casino” for your family and guests by setting up blackjack tables. Have friends or family act as blackjack dealers or rent a roulette wheel from your local entertainment company. When your guests enter the "casino," you could pass out many different Las Vegas themed wedding favors. Give out favor bags with play money, personalized playing cards, poker chips and Las Vegas key chains.
For a unique twist, use an Elvis impersonator for your musical entertainment which will be something that will keep the guests talking for weeks. Even a DJ dressed up like Elvis is a good idea. Just check out all of your options and let your creativity loose. This is Las Vegas we are talking about. The sky is the limit when you are planning a Vegas reception.

Cupcakes are the New Wedding Cake

Personalized Jumbo Cupcake Boxes with Heart WindowCupcake wedding cakes are such a hot and trendy item for weddings. If you do a search on the internet you will not believe the options and ideas that are out there. A cupcake wedding cake is usually a cheaper option verses the traditional cake, and since there are so many little cakes, you can actually have a lot of different flavors!
Another great idea for the cupcake wedding cakes is using them as a center piece for your guest tables. This will eliminate the need for centerpieces but also cupcake wedding cakes allow each one of your guests to have their own personal little wedding cake. Adding personalized cupcake boxes to the tables would allow your guest to be able to take a cupcake home with them. There are many contemporary and elegant designs for cupcakes and many different ways that you can decorate your cupcakes to make them more elegant, whimsical or with a theme depending on the kind of wedding you’ll be having. For example, you could work with your florist and have a small bloom on each of your cupcakes. Or, you could purchase Filigree cupcake liners to add a touch of elegance.

Wedding Inspirations and Ideas for Fall

These beautiful styleboards were inspired from our fave fall wedding ideas. We love the idea of infusing nature into an autumn themed wedding with pops of orange and red. Popular shades for this year are spice and cranberry. These warm tones add a cozy element and look great in photos! Add splashes of green and brown with muted yellow accents to pull the look together.
Fall Wedding Theme

Halloween is the perfect wedding theme for adventurous brides looking to add the unexpected. As luck would have it, this daring holiday falls on a Saturday this year. Now how perfect is that! To pull your Halloween theme off without going overboard, bring in elements like the ones shown below.

Halloween Wedding Theme

(Top: Orange and red fall centerpiece real weddings, Maple leaf wish tree tags - pack of 80 by byapryl, fall wedding cake image by Joshua Gene. Middle: Personalized cocktail napkins, two-piece embroidered gown by Monique Lhuiller, leaf favor box place cards Wish Special Events. Bottom: Fall leaves votive tea light candle favors from our list of fall wedding favors, set of three autumn leaves and hydrangeas hair clips luly612, fall bouquet real weddings)
(Top: Pumpkin mum centerpiece inspiration Better Homes and Gardens, Monogram door decor Martha Stewart Weddings, Personalized paper Halloween lunch bags from our picks of Halloween wedding favors. Middle: Bride and groom real weddings, reception hall decor, bouquet Bottom: Rustic barn setting, black mini lantern tea light candle holders, boutonniere courtesy of real weddings)

Sports Themed Gifts for Your Groomsmen

Football season is underway, and that means it's time to outfit your best man and groomsmen for the 2009 NFL season. If you're planning a fall wedding, it’s a great time to incorporate your favorite team into your wedding with some hand held gifts that are sure to last a lifetime.
The Personalized NFL Team Glass Beer Mugs is the perfect way to add a tasteful sports piece to any friends bar. Or, if you have a friend that actually was good back in the day, give him a football sign that will shine proudly in his home with the Gridiron Personalized Football Pub Sign.
With these fantastic sports themed groomsmen gifts, you and your friends will be able to gear up each season with the mementos from your big day.

How to Decorate Your 25th Anniversary Celebration

25th Anniversary Toasting Flute Set with Rhinestone AccentsWedding anniversaries are a special time to celebrate. Some common celebration ideas for the 25th anniversary include the renewal of vows and throwing a large party. Many couples choose to mark this milestone by planning a party with all their close family and friends in attendance.
Traditional decorations for 25th anniversary parties include lots of silver and the 25th anniversary flower; the iris. If the season is in, order some bouquets of irises for the table centerpieces. Decorate with silver napkins and balloons, silver candles and sparkling dinnerware. Sprinkle silver confetti on the tables. Offer remembrance tokens to guests such as small silver frames or candles. With these simple tricks and 25th anniversary party favors, your milestone is sure to be one you will always remember and a celebration your guests won't stop talking about.

New 2009 Fall Favors are Here!

Fall leaf place card favor boxesBrand New fall favors have just arrived for 2009 including festive gift ideas like: Personalized apple boxes for holding caramel or candy apples, plantable eco-friendly flower seed favors, oak leaf shaped magnets and favor boxes, leaf-shaped candy dishes, bottle openers, bookmarks, and more.
With all the new and exciting favors to choose from, fall weddings can only be best described with two simple words....Absolutely Gorgeous! When planning your fall wedding decor and favors, pull from the shapes and vivid colors that Mother Nature has already provided. Leaves and branches are great for capturing the feel of fall. Colors like bronze, brown, copper, gold, red, hunter and olive green are perfect for creating a warm and inviting ambience.
Autumn Magic leaf shaped candy dish favorsFall wedding favors can also be used as functional decorations. Leaf-shaped place card holders will seat guests and add a touch of the fall season to your table decor. Fill leaf-shaped candy dishes (shown) with treats and set at each place-setting for guests to enjoy. These candy dishes will add seasonal color to your tables and give guests a keepsake to remember your special day with. For a rustic look, set out cinnamon stick votive holders to give your tables a home-made feel and to add a touch of glowing ambience. Wine cork place card holders are functional because they not only seat your guests but they add an old-world feel to your wedding decor. Other ideas include leaf-shaped scented soaps (great for OOT gift bags) or copper bottle openers placed next to home-made bottles of apple cider. Happy planning!

Cookie Cutter Wedding Favors Can Make Your Reception Fun & Unique

Fall Leaf Cookie Cutter Favors Give your guest a cookie and they will smile but give you guest a cookie cutter and they will remember your special day every time they make a fresh batch of cookies. Cookie Cutters can make a great wedding favor idea because they are so versatile. Cookie cutters come in all shapes and sizes so you can match them to the theme of your wedding. For instance the maple leaf cookie cutter would be a great favor for a fall wedding. Attach a cookie recipe and a personalized favor tag to your cookie cutters that has your names and wedding date, and "truly cut out for each other"printed on them. Another good idea would be to make cookies with the cookie cutters you will be passing out and put a plate of the cookies on the buffet table. If you are having a child friendly wedding reception you can include a small container of playdoh for the kids and they can cut out shapes of cookies in the playdoh or include crayons and paper and they can trace the shapes. Cookie Cutter Wedding Favors can make anyones reception more fun and unique.

Personalized Cosmetic Bags Will Make The Perfect Gift For Your Bridesmaid

Monogrammed Quilted Cosmetic Travel Tote BagPersonalized cosmetic bags make the perfect gift. Whether you are looking for a gift for your wedding party or just a nice gift for a girlfriend, daughter, mother etc. The bags would make a lovely Christmas present as well and you can fill them up with all kinds of goodies. Personalized cosmetic bags come in an assortment of colors and styles. You can fill them with a personalized compact mirror, make-up or even some nice jewerly for your bridesmaids to wear at the wedding. They can be personalized with a name or a monogram. With all of the selections available you will be sure to find something to suit everyone's taste. What lady do you know that isn't always in need of a new cosmetic bag.

Fall Wedding Colors and Ideas

Fall weddings are becoming increasingly popular in the last few years with shades of gold, deep reds, terra cotta, chocolate brown, bronze, taupe, hunter and olive green. Fall weddings are fabulous as you can expect beautiful wedding pictures with rich warm romantic colors, especially if the leaves are falling. Cornucopias and pumpkins filled with fruits, dried corn, or even elegant fall flowers and leaves to accent your tables is sure to make you the envy of those June brides along with personalized fall colored napkins and candles for an additional warm glow. Do something either useful or tasty as a thank you favor to all your friends and family for your appreciation, such as having a piece of cake boxed to go or maybe some spiced nuts and candy corn, that will be in the colors of fall, bagged and ready to take home. Maybe add a thank you tag tied to a small pumpkin that can be used for guests’ fall favors. Another tasty treat is to give out giant caramel apples ornately decorated with a personalized ribbon with your names and wedding date. A tasty remembrance of a wonderful wedding and you can’t go wrong with that.

Add the unexpected to your Wedding Reception with Caricature Stands

Professional caricature artist at work Having a kid-friendly wedding? Entertain the kids (and the young at heart) with caricature stands. Reasonably priced, professionals will come set up at your wedding reception and draw portraits for your guests. The length of time that they stay will depend on how long you book them.
It is such a unique and unexpected surprise for your guests. They will love your thoughtfulness and originality! After guests are finished with their portraits, continue the fun with features like a candy buffet. Place our personalized favor bags next to the buffet. Guests will now have a bag to hold both their sweet treats and one-of-a-kind portrait.
Find caricature artists in your area at websites like or

Custom Trick or Treat Bags

black 8 x 5 x 10 poly gift bag with custom printed halloween design and text.Isn't Halloween the best holiday? A great time for friends and family to get together. My sisters and our children always celebrate with good food and send the kids out for a night of trick or treating. They just love collecting candy from the neighbors all dressed up in their costumes. This year I'm planning on doing something a little extra special for all the kids by getting them some custom trick or treat bags printed with their favorite halloween design and a cute phrase. Can't wait to see the smiles on their faces when they hold their bags up that night and through toothy grins yell 'Trick or Treat'. (and i know my sisters will just love it too)

Why brown bag it when you can personalize it?

Yes, it's that time of the year. The end of summer is near and before we know it the kids will be back in school and the crunch for lunch ideas will begin. A packed lunch doesn't have to mean boring. Why brown bag it everyday when you can personalize it with personalized lunch bags. Easier on your kids, easier on you.

Personalized Paper Lunch Bags in Assorted ColorsPersonalized lunch bags are a great way to keep your kid's lunches organized for both you and them. You kid's will never have to search for their lunch in the classroom again (and you can throw away those markers)!

Have your child's name custom printed with a fun design. Are they into baseball this year? Ballet, hockey, dinosaurs? Whatever their style, with personalized lunch bags, your kids will have something to brag about and you will have graduated to the coolest mom in the class.

Such an adorable bridal shower favor...we just had to share!

So adorable we had to share! How cute would these be at your bridal shower where food seems to be just as important as the celebration itself?
Miniature wooden rolling pin recipe place card holdersThe 'Recipe for Love' miniature rolling pins hold a recipe card pre-printed on both sides, waiting for all your guest's favorite recipes. Both sides are pre-printed, so you can use them as place cards for seating guests and invite everyone to share their secrets to a lasting marriage. The bride gets advice/family recipes and the guests get to take home absolutely adorable recipe card holders as mementos. Great for mixing in as one of your bridal shower games, check out this one and more unique bridal shower favors.

Hand Fans as Wedding Favors

white silk wedding fans in black and ivory gift boxesSummer is upon us and so is the heat. Folding hand fans are the perfect favor outdoor weddings this summer.
One of our valued employees - Allison - exchanged vows with her husband on Saturday, June 27. She has been planning her outdoor wedding for over a year and everything was absolutely perfect, right down to the fan favors that received a lot of use. They sky was clear and the temperature was a warm 90 degrees. The seats were arranged before a beautifully decorated gazebo with a small lake in the background.
This was a formal wedding so naturally everyone arrived in the best outfits. As people were seated, they were handed programs and hand fans. It wasn't long before the waving motion of these fans in-use reflected the exited in the air as everyone anticipated the moment when Allison was walked between the two sets of seats and to the gazebo by her father.
After the ceremony, I heard many comments regarding the wedding fans as I mingled in the crowd and entered the reception hall. Guests were appreciative of the fans and the fact that they were offered with the programs.
So, if you're planning an outdoor wedding and looking for functional favors to show your appreciation to family and friends, you can't go wrong with hand fans. More about Allison's wedding later...

A Look at Mirage Cocktail Napkins

Mirage cocktail napkins are named for their unique colored pattern. These 3-ply paper napkins are a step above standard 3-ply paper napkins as far as texture and quality are concerned. 3 things set mirage cocktail napkins apart from standard cocktail napkins.
Pin Dot Border - The border features a pin dot pattern that presents a more formal look than ribbed borders on standard paper napkins. This is the same pattern evident on our white pin dot border cocktail napkins.
Thicker Paper - Mirage napkins are made of three sheets of thick unrecycled paper. Two sheets of white paper are adhered to one sheet of colored paper, creating a 3-ply napkin.
Faux Textured - Mirage cocktail napkins are available in 9 distinct colors including amber, antique gold, copper, platinum silver, ocean blue, fern green, kiwi green, hot pink, and purple spice. The three-tone mottled colors create a two-dimensional illusion or 'mirage' of texture and depth on each napkin color.
Not only are these cocktail napkins unique - they can also be personalized with a design or monogram and up to three lines of custom text in your choice of letter style and imprint color.
Personalized mirage cocktail napkins are perfect for serving cocktails or beverages; hors devours, and cake at weddings, parties, picnics, or any occasion.

How To Fold Your Cake Boxes

Folded Wedding Cake Slice Favor Boxes
Do my cake boxes come pre-folded? This is question we here time and time again from many of our brides-to-be. No, unfortunately, those pretty cake boxes you see online don't already come folded and ready to hand out. There is some elbow grease that's goes into making these boxes beautiful. But with a couple friends, a little TLC, and our step-by-step how-to tutorial, you'll have your cake slice boxes looking picture perfect in no time flat! Using the photo as a guide, following these step to fold your cake boxes. Image references will be noted by ** marks. We recommend setting up a day to construct your boxes. Gather some friends and family (a perfect reason to have a get together). With their help and a mini assembly line, you'll be amazed at how quickly your sweet treat will come together.
How To Fold Your Cake Boxes Picture Guide
1. Starting with the box laying in front of you, have the first person fold each crease in so that your box looks like the picture above. This will allow your boxes to fold together easily with minimal effort.
2. Fold the four **corners of the box towards the center. The box sides should now start to pull together.
3. With the box still facing towards you as shown, start on the left **side. The two **corners on that side will now form a triangle. Place the **corners flat along the left **side. While holding the **corners, fold the left **flap down until the **tabs click into place. (Repeat Step 3 for the right side of box)
4. Fold **top of box into **bottom of box and viola. Insert cake and enjoy! Minimal effort for a truly beautiful end result.
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