How To Fold Your Cake Boxes

Folded Wedding Cake Slice Favor Boxes
Do my cake boxes come pre-folded? This is question we here time and time again from many of our brides-to-be. No, unfortunately, those pretty cake boxes you see online don't already come folded and ready to hand out. There is some elbow grease that's goes into making these boxes beautiful. But with a couple friends, a little TLC, and our step-by-step how-to tutorial, you'll have your cake slice boxes looking picture perfect in no time flat! Using the photo as a guide, following these step to fold your cake boxes. Image references will be noted by ** marks. We recommend setting up a day to construct your boxes. Gather some friends and family (a perfect reason to have a get together). With their help and a mini assembly line, you'll be amazed at how quickly your sweet treat will come together.
How To Fold Your Cake Boxes Picture Guide
1. Starting with the box laying in front of you, have the first person fold each crease in so that your box looks like the picture above. This will allow your boxes to fold together easily with minimal effort.
2. Fold the four **corners of the box towards the center. The box sides should now start to pull together.
3. With the box still facing towards you as shown, start on the left **side. The two **corners on that side will now form a triangle. Place the **corners flat along the left **side. While holding the **corners, fold the left **flap down until the **tabs click into place. (Repeat Step 3 for the right side of box)
4. Fold **top of box into **bottom of box and viola. Insert cake and enjoy! Minimal effort for a truly beautiful end result.

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