A Look at Mirage Cocktail Napkins

Mirage cocktail napkins are named for their unique colored pattern. These 3-ply paper napkins are a step above standard 3-ply paper napkins as far as texture and quality are concerned. 3 things set mirage cocktail napkins apart from standard cocktail napkins.
Pin Dot Border - The border features a pin dot pattern that presents a more formal look than ribbed borders on standard paper napkins. This is the same pattern evident on our white pin dot border cocktail napkins.
Thicker Paper - Mirage napkins are made of three sheets of thick unrecycled paper. Two sheets of white paper are adhered to one sheet of colored paper, creating a 3-ply napkin.
Faux Textured - Mirage cocktail napkins are available in 9 distinct colors including amber, antique gold, copper, platinum silver, ocean blue, fern green, kiwi green, hot pink, and purple spice. The three-tone mottled colors create a two-dimensional illusion or 'mirage' of texture and depth on each napkin color.
Not only are these cocktail napkins unique - they can also be personalized with a design or monogram and up to three lines of custom text in your choice of letter style and imprint color.
Personalized mirage cocktail napkins are perfect for serving cocktails or beverages; hors devours, and cake at weddings, parties, picnics, or any occasion.

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