Wedding Napkins Available in 6 New Colors

New wedding napkin colors feature popular wedding colors including turquoise, peach, brick, terra cotta, periwinkle, olive green, gold, and silverSix new color options have been added to our personalized 3-ply paper wedding napkins. Back by popular demand are peach napkins. Peach-colored napkins were discontinued several years ago due to a low demand for this color. Thanks to requests by our customers, this beautiful earth-tone color is available again in cocktail napkin, luncheon napkin, and guest towel sizes.
We are excited to announce the addition of 5 new popular colors to our wedding napkins including brick red, terra cotta, periwinkle, olive green, and turquoise. All five new napkin colors are also available for personalized cocktail napkins, luncheon napkin, and guest towel sizes.
Along with these six new color additions, two favorites have received a makeover. Gold and silver napkins now feature a more rich color that are perfect not only for weddings but for gold and silver anniversaries as well.

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