Cookie Cutter Wedding Favors Can Make Your Reception Fun & Unique

Fall Leaf Cookie Cutter Favors Give your guest a cookie and they will smile but give you guest a cookie cutter and they will remember your special day every time they make a fresh batch of cookies. Cookie Cutters can make a great wedding favor idea because they are so versatile. Cookie cutters come in all shapes and sizes so you can match them to the theme of your wedding. For instance the maple leaf cookie cutter would be a great favor for a fall wedding. Attach a cookie recipe and a personalized favor tag to your cookie cutters that has your names and wedding date, and "truly cut out for each other"printed on them. Another good idea would be to make cookies with the cookie cutters you will be passing out and put a plate of the cookies on the buffet table. If you are having a child friendly wedding reception you can include a small container of playdoh for the kids and they can cut out shapes of cookies in the playdoh or include crayons and paper and they can trace the shapes. Cookie Cutter Wedding Favors can make anyones reception more fun and unique.

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