Cupcakes are the New Wedding Cake

Personalized Jumbo Cupcake Boxes with Heart WindowCupcake wedding cakes are such a hot and trendy item for weddings. If you do a search on the internet you will not believe the options and ideas that are out there. A cupcake wedding cake is usually a cheaper option verses the traditional cake, and since there are so many little cakes, you can actually have a lot of different flavors!
Another great idea for the cupcake wedding cakes is using them as a center piece for your guest tables. This will eliminate the need for centerpieces but also cupcake wedding cakes allow each one of your guests to have their own personal little wedding cake. Adding personalized cupcake boxes to the tables would allow your guest to be able to take a cupcake home with them. There are many contemporary and elegant designs for cupcakes and many different ways that you can decorate your cupcakes to make them more elegant, whimsical or with a theme depending on the kind of wedding you’ll be having. For example, you could work with your florist and have a small bloom on each of your cupcakes. Or, you could purchase Filigree cupcake liners to add a touch of elegance.

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