How To Plan A Las Vegas Themed Wedding Reception

Silver Playing Cards Personalized with H3-Heart Design and Park Avenue Letter Style in Ebony Matte Imprint Color So you took the gamble and got married in Vegas and now you want to have your reception at home with your friends and family. A Las Vegas themed reception holds many fun planning options and will make your guests feel like they went gone to Vegas with you!
Create a “casino” for your family and guests by setting up blackjack tables. Have friends or family act as blackjack dealers or rent a roulette wheel from your local entertainment company. When your guests enter the "casino," you could pass out many different Las Vegas themed wedding favors. Give out favor bags with play money, personalized playing cards, poker chips and Las Vegas key chains.
For a unique twist, use an Elvis impersonator for your musical entertainment which will be something that will keep the guests talking for weeks. Even a DJ dressed up like Elvis is a good idea. Just check out all of your options and let your creativity loose. This is Las Vegas we are talking about. The sky is the limit when you are planning a Vegas reception.

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