Q & A: When To Send Out Your Save the Date Cards

Personalized Beach Calendar Save the Date MagnetSo often I hear the question from brides, when should I send out my save the date magnets or cards?  For those who do not know what a save the date is, save the dates are reminders that are mailed to guests telling them to save the date for your upcoming wedding or party.  They are typically used for events that fall near a holiday or for destination weddings when guests will need advance notice to plan their attendance.

Save the date announcements are typically sent 3 to 6 months in advance and can be sent in many forms including a cardstock reminder or personalized refrigerator magnet.  Save the date magnets are very popular because they can be stuck to the fridge or filing cabinet as a constant reminder of your special day.  Stick to the fridge, stick in their minds!

By sending your announcements out at least three months in advance, guests will have plenty of time to plan their attendance.  Guests will be able to secure that date before any other plans are made and the advance notice will allow them to make travel arrangements, hotel reservations, and obtain a passport if necessary.  Save the dates are not meant to replace traditional invitations which are normally sent 6 weeks before the actual event.  The reminder instead usually includes less detailed information like the guest(s) of honor's name, type of event, date of the event, and location.  Happy Planning!


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