Affordable Honeymoon Destination Ideas and Tips

Affordable honeymoon destination ideas are easy to come by. When planning your wedding, include a set amount in the budget for your honeymoon and stick to it.  With the increasing cost of international flights and tough economic times, consider less popular overseas locations or traveling within the United States instead of abroad.

A honeymoon registry will help curb costs the same way you register for wedding gifts and will give family and friends the option to pitch in for your trip.  Research all-inclusive package deals at resorts, cruises and hotels that offer honeymoon packages, which may even include airfare. When booking your trip with a travel agency online or in person, always ask for discounts. Discount information is not always readily volunteered, but is available. Also ask the travel agent the least expensive times to travel such as off-season tourist months when it becomes considerably cheaper.

Another great tip, don't be shy, mention often that you are on your honeymoon. Restaurants and hotels will sometimes throw in additional complementary services, such as bottles of champagne, free meals, gift baskets and more.

Whether you are planning your first or second honeymoon it’s best to choose a location that is appealing to the both of you and within your budget. Decide if you will travel by plane or car. Research activities you would like to try or already enjoy doing together for a great bonding experience.


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