How to Choose the Right Lettering Font Style For Your Personalized Wedding Favors

Personalized 3-Ply Cocktail Napkins in Assorted ColorsOne of the most frequent questions that I get asked by customers is 'What letter style do you recommend?' Choosing the right font style for your personalized wedding favors is simple. It all boils down to your personalized taste. Here are a few tips to make the right decision:

• Think about your style. When deciding between whether to go with classic script fonts or more contemporary block styles, think about the theme you are trying to portray. Is your wedding more modern or is it full of traditional accents? The pros to a script font are that they are very elegant. The downside is that fancy calligraphy can be harder to read. Block styles are much more legible and will give a more modern feel to an event but will not be as elegant as a script font.

• View the lettering style. Be sure when viewing your font style choices to review each letter in its entirety. Take the time to review each letter that you will use for your names, date, message, even the ampersand sign. Make sure it’s what you want and that it meets your personal taste. Classic calligraphy fonts at times can have loops and variations to letters that are not considered the norm. Too many times do brides come to me expressing disappointment that they did not look at the ampersand sign that they chose because they loved the letter B too much.

• Be Creative. This is your special day. Don’t be afraid to be creative. Pick a letter style that best suits your personality. Enjoy all the little details that come with planning your wedding day. It only happens once in a lifetime.


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