At Last - 2010 Color Trends Are Here

Pantone LLC, a leading authority in color innovation, has announced their forecast for 2010's spring color trends and their pick for color of the year.  Turquoise, an inviting shade of blue-green, was recently announced as the pick for 2010's color of the year.  "In fashion, Turquoise makes a statement that can look elegant and dressy in fine silk and gemstones, or casual and fun in cotton and athletic apparel..." says Pantone.

According to a recent press release from the color industry giant, 2010 will also be a year for bright and muted tones ranging from colors like hot pink to earthy greens.  Pantone's picks at a glance:

2010 Spring Color Trends from Pantone LLC

For weddings, we love the idea of taking bolder colors and accenting them with softer hues.  Pantone's Aurora mixed with muted grey would make for a great pairing.  Dare to be bold with a combination like turquoise with bright red or hot pink paired with Pantone's Fusion Coral to create a unique and gorgeous color combination.

What do you think?  We would love to hear from you.  Do you think Pantone got it right?  Let us know your top color picks for 2010.



  1. I love the Violet! But... I will have to go with either a red or gold for my wedding this year on 10/10/10. My fiance is in the USMC and he's wearing his dress uniform so I have to play around that, any other color ideas for me?

  2. Thank you for reading. Congratulations on your engagement! You'll definitely want to show off your fiance looking dashing in his dress blues. We think you're right to stay with red as either your main color or as an accent color.

    Incorporate either blue or black as your second color. (Black dresses/suits with red accents or visa versa). There are many wonderful inspiration boards out there to browse through.

    Check out

    and this link to an army wedding we found that could be changed to USMC colors.

    Happy Planning!


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