Creative and Fun Wedding Trend - Groom's Cake

A creative and fun trend for 2010 wedding celebrations is the comeback of the groom's cake. This is an old fashioned southern tradition in which the bride honors the groom. The best part of having a groom’s cake is how creative a bride can be with any number of ingredients, shapes and styles that reflect the groom’s hobbies, favorite sports, alma mater, profession, or anything he enjoys. The groom’s cake will add a personal touch as one of the most memorable and delightful parts of the wedding celebration.

Groom's Cake Design

The flavor of the groom’s cake is typically chocolate with strawberries, rich fruit based, liqueur soaked, candy cakes, brownies, or any flavor the groom prefers. The cake may be presented at any time during the wedding celebration. Serve it at the rehearsal dinner as a toast to the groom and a way of thanking wedding attendants, family members and special guests. Or, at the wedding reception, display the groom’s cake near the wedding cake for guests to enjoy throughout the evening. The groom's cake is cut by the groom or the groom and his family and may be served as an alternate dessert with the wedding cake.

The legend behind the groom’s cake indicates the bridesmaids, or single women, were to sleep with a slice of cake under their pillow the same night they received it and if they did, they would dream of their future husband. A great way to incorporate this legend with your wedding reception is to provide personalized cake boxes to serve as your wedding favors for all guests to take home and enjoy. The possibilities are endless so have fun planning.


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