Planning a Vintage Themed Wedding

Vintage themed weddings have become a very hot trend and will only gain momentum in 2010. Planning a vintage themed wedding can be a fun and unique way of showing of your personality and style.

There can be many different types of vintage weddings depending on which historical time period you like the most. If you and your fiancée are history buffs who want every detail of the wedding to be historically accurate then you will need to do your research. The Web has become an indispensable source for vintage wedding information, from dresses to flower arrangements that capture the era of choice. If, however, you want to just have the feel of that time period without being historically accurate on every small detail, the wedding can be a lot easier to plan and less expensive.

Depending on what time period you are going for, finding vintage clothing can sometimes be difficult. A great way to get around these problems is to have vintage style clothing made to measure by a seamstress or tailor. There are lots of websites that sell vintage clothing patterns. Buying a few patterns is a great way to get the vintage look that you want for the clothing of the wedding party without the hassle, expense, and frustration of trying to find actual vintage clothing.

The small details are the important ones, like using inexpensive Vintage Inspired Antique Place Card Picture Frames or Damask Tapered Favor Boxes. Some other extra touches for a vintage wedding include inviting the guests to dress in period clothing, sending invitations patterned after those found in Harper's Bazaar or Life magazines and hiring a dance instructor to teach the basic dance steps of the wedding's theme era. That way the guests can get in on the fun while they are watching the happy couple start their lives together.


Image Credit:  Vintage Bride

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