Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Part of the adventure of getting married is to expect the unexpected. So when you are planning your day, don’t forget to consider the smaller details and prepare for them. Below are a few suggestions on what to include in your wedding day emergency kit.

Pain Killers/First Aide: Make sure you know what you and your wedding party can take for tension headaches or upset stomachs and have them on hand. Include band aids, ice packs, water, straws and snacks. Also, eye drops will come in handy if anything like hairspray accidentally gets in your eyes.

Nail/Manicure Kits: Broken or chipped nails can be distracting so be sure your manicure kits include a nail file, clippers, nail glue and matching polish for those all too frequent accidents. Also include a bottle of clear nail polish which is perfect for repairing pantyhose.

Sewing Kits: Sewing kits are an absolute must for repairing buttons, small tears, seams and hems that have come unraveled. Make sure to include thread to match the bridal gown, the bridesmaid’s gown, and one to match the groomsmen’s attire.

Miscellaneous: Items you want to include that will help you and your wedding party on your big day. This could range from umbrellas, sunglasses, lint brush, tampons, breath mints, white chalk (to rub over grass stains), stain stick/wipes and white cloth, bobby pins, hair spray, scissors, extra corsage pins, and of course, the all important tissue.

With a little foresight, brainstorming and careful planning, you can handle the unexpected with ease and minimal stress. Let us know if you have a recommendation that will be helpful for brides to include in their own wedding day emergency kit.


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