Creating the Perfect Wedding Gift Bag

Personalized Gift Bags in Assorted Colors
Today’s modern bride is finding herself receiving more out of town guests then in years past. One of the ways in which today’s couples choose to honor these guests is by presenting them with personalized wedding gift bags. Gift bags are usually given to the out of town guests that are staying in a hotel. The gift bags can be left in the guest’s hotel room to welcome them when they arrive.

Fill your gift bags with bottled water, snacks for the room and brochures with things to do in and around town for those who may not be familiar with the area. Some other good items to add would be aspirin, mints, and mini sewing kits for lost buttons and ripped hems. Of course don’t forget about the wine. You can also add a bottle of wine and a couple of wine glasses, maybe even some nice chocolates, cheese and crackers to go with it.

No matter how you choose to put together your wedding gift bags, it is always important to include a welcoming message for your guests and thank them for making the trip for your special day. By using personalized gift bags you can add a note of appreciation to the front of the bag and save yourself so time. Then dress up the bag with some nice tissue paper and ribbon. Wedding gift bags can make your guests feel welcomed and appreciated; they are a great way to start the wedding festivities.


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