Custom Color Wedding Ceremony Accessories

Have the power over your wedding day must-haves with custom made wedding accessories.

So you've finally decided on your wedding colors only to find out the hard way that the colors you dreamed of are impossible to find.  Don't fret.  This is a problem we hear often and one of the main reasons why we love these Choose Your Color wedding accessory collections.  They give you the power over your wedding day must-haves.

Choose Your Color Wedding Accessories in Spice and Espresso Brown

Here's the scoop.  Choose your color accessories come with either a white or ivory satin base.  Choose your accenting color by selecting one of 28 premium satin ribbon color options.  After you find the perfect ribbon color to compliment your theme, your wedding accessories are custom made to order to match your wedding day vision.  To learn more, check out the white or ivory custom choose your color wedding accessory collections.  Happy Planning!


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