Hot Off The Press: Colorful Cupcake Boxes

After much ado, we are so excited to be able to introduce new colorful cupcake boxes to our line of personalized individual cupcake favor boxes.

These cupcake boxes are bright and bold ranging in colors like bermuda blue, lime green, hot pink, yellow, pink, and more.  They really add that vavoom, or 'je ne sais quoi' if you will, to your place settings and favor tables.  The boxes are a great alternative to traditional cake, making it easier to send guests home with dessert, budget your expenses, and eliminate left-overs.

Personalized colorful individual cupcake boxes in assorted sizes

From a construction standpoint, these cupcake boxes have both their advantages and disadvantages. 

1) They have a glossy finish and are very lightweight.  Easy to assemble, the boxes are one-piece and pop right open.  2) They are made of high-quality paper stock, are grease resistant, and are FDA approved for food use.  3) They come in two sizes, standard and jumbo, for filling with regular cupcakes or extra large muffins.

Be cautious when selecting your custom printing options.  When deciding on the printing color to go on your boxes, be sure to select a color that will contrast against the paper background.  We've noticed that the box color has a tendency to 'absorb' the color that is being printed.  i.e.  You do not want to print orange on a hot pink box because these colors are too close to each other in shade and hue.  The result will not be legible.  Instead, opt for white, black, blue, or purple as your imprint color.

To learn more, visit our website to view personalized individual cupcake favor boxes.  Happy Planning!


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