Memorializing Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding Ceremony

 Personalized In Loving Memory Glass Memorial Candle Holder
Getting married is the most joyful time of your life and meant to be shared with all of your loved ones. Unfortunately, some of your loved ones may have passed on and will not be at your wedding. You may be wondering how to acknowledge your lost loved ones at your wedding ceremony.

I would like to share with you some of the subtle ways that you can include the memory of your loved ones on your wedding day without taking the joy out of the occasion.

• Include Them In Your Prayers – Many weddings include a prayer during the ceremony. This is a good time to include the names of your lost loved ones.

• Dedicate a Song – Include a song in either your wedding ceremony or your reception that will pay tribute your lost loved one.

• Display a Memorial - You can also set up a memorial table with pictures of your loved ones and/or include a memorial candle that is lit for the loved ones passed. Then your guests can go by and remember them.

• Celebrate Their Traditions - Maybe you could include something from your late grandparents wedding, like a poem or a bible verse. If it is available you could also wear your grandmothers wedding dress or a piece of her jewelry.

Remembering those we've lost isn't meant to bring sadness into your day, but to honor those we wished could have joined us. Finding a way to remember and honor your loved ones should be something that you will always remember as a special part of the day.


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