Personalized Cups for Your DIY Wedding Favors

It seems that lately edible wedding favors and DIY gifts are taking over traditional favors like frames and soaps?  I think guests and brides are getting tired of all the small trinkets and knick-knacks.  And really, who could blame them?  After all, chocolate is loved by everyone (unless you're allergic...) and homemade recipes add that warm and fuzzy feeling you just can't find anywhere else.

To get that homemade feel in your wedding favors, I love the idea of using family drink recipes, cookie recipes, and any other recipes your family can bring home with them to use over and over again.  For an absolutely adorable edible favor presentation, check out this place setting idea put together with personalized cups, cellophane-wrapped cookies, and the family's cookie recipe.

Personalized Cups with Cookie Favors

Refreshingly unique! This idea is so great because your friends and family get to take home a delicious recipe to eat and the custom cup that holds it.  Attach a recipe tag to your homemade cookies printed with the ingredients along with cute phrases like 'A pinch of love', 'A dash of kindness', and 'A cup of passion'.  Have your names and wedding date custom printed on the front of your personalized cups so your loved ones will think of you every time they pour themselves their favorite drink.  Set at each place setting and voila!

Happy Planning!


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