Wedding Centerpieces That Inspire

The centerpieces on your wedding reception tables are meant to add texture, create visual interest, and spark conversation among guests.  To create guest tables that inspire, the most important thing to remember is to be creative and pick elements that represent your personality.

Whimsical Real Wedding Reception Centerpiece from Style Me Pretty
This whimsical design is courtesy of the fabulous  The bride and groom from this wedding filled their entire reception with charm and spunky details.  This amazing arrangement captures the true essence of what a conversation starter is and how to include your own spin on ordinary items to make them unique.  The centerpieces used here featured vintage pitchers filled with windmills for their guests tied off with hand crafted table numbers.  The focal point was then surrounded with smaller rose planters and votive candles.  See all the great details of this real wedding inspiration at

When crafting your wedding centerpieces remember to be creative and think about the message you want to convey.  Do you want a wow factor?  Then you may want to opt for a centerpiece that is tall and elaborate to create an eye-catching effect.  If you want to guarantee that conversation flows at your guest tables, than shorter, more textured pieces will be your pick.  The choice is yours and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.  For more fabulous table creations, check out our top picks below and get inspired!

Inspiring Wedding Reception Centerpieces
Photo Credits: First Row: Floral mirrored centerpiece and nature infused Bird blossom tree centerpiece from
Second Row: Contemporary lemon and orchid arrangement and long rectangular rose filled centerpiece both from
Third Row: Tall eye-catching baby's breath arrangement and lime filled centerpiece from
Fourth Row: Bold apple and orchid square centerpiece and beach inspired floating candle with seashell accents both from
Fifth Row: Whimsical chalk outlined guest tables with floral arrangements at varying heights from and orange lantern arrangement accented by spray roses from

Happy Planning!


Wedding Shopping Advise for Online Shoppers

Many brides are finding themselves doing a lot more internet shopping these days. It is much more convenient for the bride on the go. I have a few tips for making your online shopping experience a little better.

• Don't be afraid to ask for samples. If you are looking at ordering napkins, bags, matchbooks and anything that the color is going to coordinate with your wedding, you should also ask to see if samples are available. Paying 5-10 dollars for a few samples could save you hundreds in the long run.

• If you are unsure, always ask. Most wedding companies would be more than happy to help you with your order.  It is always best to know what you are getting rather than guess at what you are getting.

• Check the security and credentials of the website. Unfortunately these days we all have to be careful when dealing with internet companies. If the company is legitimate you will be able to find that information on the website.  If you can't  find the company's credentials, call the company and ask them where it is located on their website.

• Always read the instructions. When placing an order online always make sure that you are reading the instructions for placing an order, especially if it is personalized. When in doubt look for a phone number and place your order over the phone.

The internet is one of the most convenient shopping tools available. There are so many options and ideas at your finger tips.  Just be sure to take advantage of all the resources that are available to you and happy shopping ladies!


Dishing Up Sweet Beginnings with Candy Buffets

Lately, I have been hearing more and more from our bride-to-be's that a candy buffet will be a must-have at their wedding reception.  And I say go for it! Candy buffets are a wonderful way to add whimsy and childhood fun to your big day.  The kids will love it (and the adults too!).  How to pull it off?

If you have decided to undergo including a candy table, it is important to include that cost into your wedding budget.  While buying in bulk will save you money, custom candies and gourmet treats do not come cheap.

The best way to make sure your buffet table ties seamlessly into your wedding is to incorporate your wedding colors.  Using a monochromatic palette (different shades of the same color) is an easy and elegant way to ensure your table will look flawless.  Create depth and visual interest on your table by adding jars and containers that are different heights along with ribbons and bows.  Adding decorative name cards to the front of each candy jar describing what is inside is an inexpensive and easy way to add a decorative touch.

To add a custom touch to your candy table, many couples are opting to set out personalized favor bags and boxes for their guests to fill at their leisure or take home to enjoy later.  Personalizing candy favor bags are a great opportunity to include a special thank you message to your guests and a cute phrase like "Love is Sweet, Fill Your Bag With Treats" or "Sweet Beginnings". Check out some of our fave photos below for some inspiration...

Candy Buffet Inspiration Board
Row 1: Candy buffet by Amy Atlas Events.  Row 2: Lunch bags courtesy of, candy image from Blue Eyed Bride, rock candy from Amy Atlas Events.  Row 3: Candy buffet from Row 4: Candy images from Blue Eyed Bride, Personalized candy bags from

Happy Planning!


Folding Hand Fans Wedding Favors

Folding hand fans are an increasingly popular summer wedding favor that are economical, fun and functional. Family and friends will have a refreshing breeze while enjoying your wedding ceremony and reception. 

One indoor summer wedding I attended, there was a small decorated table placed on each side of the church entrance with a stack of programs and a basket filled with hand fans for each guests to take before being seated. For an outdoor ceremony, I like the idea of having the folding hand fans placed on each guests chair or designate someone to pass them out as your guests arrive. Family and friends are sure to smile and thank you over and over for such a practical and refreshing favor.


Wedding Traditions - Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Sixpence Blue Satin Garter
If you are planning your wedding then likely you have heard the phrase: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. But do you know what the famous phrase means or how to go about incorporating it into your wedding day? Including this tradition into your wedding day is very important to most brides; I know it was for me. Here are some creative tips to help seamlessly incorporate each part of this tradition into your wedding day and the reason that each phrase came to be.

Something Old – Symbolizes the brides past and her family

You could have a piece of lace from your mothers or grandmothers dress sewn into yours.
Put a movie ticket stub from one of your first dates inside of your shoe or in the handle of your bouquet.
Wear a piece of jewelry that you inherited from a family member or loved one.

Something New - Symbolizes the future and the couple’s new life.

Wear a new Piece of jewelry from your future husband or your mother such as earrings or a necklace.
Your shoes.
Your wedding dress.

Something Borrowed - An item from a happily married couple so that there good fortune can carry over.

Wear your mothers pearl necklace.
Wear a bracelet that belongs to your grandmother.
Borrow your best friend's purse to keep all of your wedding day essentials handy.

Something Blue - Symbolizes purity. The color blue was the original white.

Buy a garter that is adorned with a blue charm or blue ribbon
Wear sapphire jewelry.
Wear a blue crystal brooch on the waist of your dress or attach it under the hem.

Brides have been honoring the tradition of wearing an old, a new, a borrowed and a blue item during their wedding for centuries. Although wearing these items is supposed to symbolize good luck for you in the future, they are also just a fun tradition that gives you an opportunity to express your admiration for a few special people in your life on your special day.

Wishing You A Little Luck This St. Patty's Day

This St. Patrick's Day, we wish you all good luck and good tidings.  In the spirit of this festive holiday, here are some adorable DIY inspirations for your enjoyment.

Leprechaun Pin from Better Homes and Gardens
Leprechaun pin from Better Homes and Gardens.  We can all be a little Irish with this festive accessory.  With just an iron, some felt, and glue, you'll have a handful of lucky leprechauns to pass out to friends.  Learn how to create this crafty Irishman at

Shamrock Boutonniere from Martha Stewart

Shamrock boutonniere from Martha Stewart.  Such an easy and unique way to sport your green this St. Patty's day.  (Everyone will be green with envy.  Heeheee...).  Wouldn't this idea also be great for Irish themed weddings?  Too cute.  Learn how to create this adorable accessory at

"May the sun shine, all day long,
everything go right, and nothing wrong.
May those you love bring love back to you,
and may all the wishes you wish come true!"
                                        ~ Irish blessing ~


Personalized M & M Candy Favors

A creative and yummy wedding favor idea is m and m's as a classic tasty treat. With personalized favors becoming more and more popular, you can customize m and m's with up to 8 characters or even add a photo. How cool is that!? Personalized m and m's as your wedding favors are sure to bring a smile and happy memories to all your guests and guaranteed not to collect dust in someone’s curio cabinet.
If you decide you don’t want your candy personalized, you can easily match the colors of your wedding with m and m's which are available in 22 colors, plus they’ve recently added 3 new shimmer colors to their website. I like their trendy aqua and teal and even the classic wedding colors such as white and pink that will go quite nicely with multiple wedding themes.

One idea that seems to be popular and more economical is to look for the large bags that contain 18 'Fun Size' packages with the classic m and m colors in them. They have just enough in each little packet for one serving you can transfer to inexpensive tins, boxes, or organza bags for family and friends to take home as a tasty reminder of your special day.


Refreshing Red and Coral Inspiration Board

I just love the idea of using a tomato red mixed with a coral for spring and summer wedding colors.  The mix is so refreshing.  The red adds a bit of vibrancy while the coral brings in a softer more airy feel.  Check out some of our fave pics below for a little inspiration on this trendsetting palette:

Red and Coral Wedding Inspiration Board
Photo Credits: Row 1 and 3:  Row 2 and 4:

Happy Planning!


How to Incorporate Camouflage Into Your Wedding Theme

Camouflage 4 Piece Wedding Accessories Collection
In the last few years I have seen a growing trend among brides and it is the camouflage wedding theme. If your fiancé is an avid hunter or fisherman, he will be thrilled to have you plan a camouflage wedding. Here are a few tips for creating a special camouflage wedding day:

• Choose floor length dresses in dark green fabric for your bridesmaids, and put the groomsmen in traditional black or dark gray tuxes. They can wear vests and ties made of camo fabric.

• Move the wedding outside. A camo wedding celebrates the great outdoors. Use lots of greenery in your decorations. Simple wildflowers would be a great accent.

• Carry the camouflage wedding theme over to the reception. Use camo fabric for tablecloths and napkins. Scatter silk leaves over the tables, and add small wildlife statues to the centerpieces.

• Slide a sexy satin camo garter up your leg for your groom to remove and toss to his groomsmen.

• Use camouflage wedding accessories such as your guest book, ring bearer pillow or flowergirl basket.

I really like the idea of a camouflage wedding theme. It's a creative wedding trend among outdoor enthusiasts, and it's certainly a unique way to celebrate the beginning of your life together. Just don't use too much camo or your guests wont' be able to spot you.


Charity Wedding Favors

In lieu of traditional mementos, many couples are opting to give donation and charity wedding favors to friends and family members to show their appreciation on their special day.  Some of the most popular charities to give to are the American Red Cross, United Nations Childrens Fund, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, American Cancer Society, and the Hope Foundation.

Personalized charity donation tents in assorted styles

To present this idea during your wedding reception, place personalized donation tents at each table printed with wording such as "Thank you for sharing our special day with us.  In your honor, we have made a donation to (your charity)."

If you would like to give to your favorite charity and still give a small token to your guests, you can also set a printed card at each guest place setting and include with it a small favor that matches the theme of your event or the charity you are donating to.  If you are donating towards Breast Cancer Awareness, consider placing awareness ribbon shaped favors next to your donation card.

Happy Planning!

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