Charity Wedding Favors

In lieu of traditional mementos, many couples are opting to give donation and charity wedding favors to friends and family members to show their appreciation on their special day.  Some of the most popular charities to give to are the American Red Cross, United Nations Childrens Fund, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, American Cancer Society, and the Hope Foundation.

Personalized charity donation tents in assorted styles

To present this idea during your wedding reception, place personalized donation tents at each table printed with wording such as "Thank you for sharing our special day with us.  In your honor, we have made a donation to (your charity)."

If you would like to give to your favorite charity and still give a small token to your guests, you can also set a printed card at each guest place setting and include with it a small favor that matches the theme of your event or the charity you are donating to.  If you are donating towards Breast Cancer Awareness, consider placing awareness ribbon shaped favors next to your donation card.

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  1. Hi – I work for American Institute for Cancer Research and I work with brides every day who want to do wedding favors that support cancer research. Here’s an article with quotes from some of our brides who’ve done this. I wish I had worked here when I got married – I’d have done this in honor of my Pawpaw and my husband’s grandfather, who both passed away before we met, and we missed a great deal at our wedding.


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