Dishing Up Sweet Beginnings with Candy Buffets

Lately, I have been hearing more and more from our bride-to-be's that a candy buffet will be a must-have at their wedding reception.  And I say go for it! Candy buffets are a wonderful way to add whimsy and childhood fun to your big day.  The kids will love it (and the adults too!).  How to pull it off?

If you have decided to undergo including a candy table, it is important to include that cost into your wedding budget.  While buying in bulk will save you money, custom candies and gourmet treats do not come cheap.

The best way to make sure your buffet table ties seamlessly into your wedding is to incorporate your wedding colors.  Using a monochromatic palette (different shades of the same color) is an easy and elegant way to ensure your table will look flawless.  Create depth and visual interest on your table by adding jars and containers that are different heights along with ribbons and bows.  Adding decorative name cards to the front of each candy jar describing what is inside is an inexpensive and easy way to add a decorative touch.

To add a custom touch to your candy table, many couples are opting to set out personalized favor bags and boxes for their guests to fill at their leisure or take home to enjoy later.  Personalizing candy favor bags are a great opportunity to include a special thank you message to your guests and a cute phrase like "Love is Sweet, Fill Your Bag With Treats" or "Sweet Beginnings". Check out some of our fave photos below for some inspiration...

Candy Buffet Inspiration Board
Row 1: Candy buffet by Amy Atlas Events.  Row 2: Lunch bags courtesy of, candy image from Blue Eyed Bride, rock candy from Amy Atlas Events.  Row 3: Candy buffet from Row 4: Candy images from Blue Eyed Bride, Personalized candy bags from

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