How to Incorporate Camouflage Into Your Wedding Theme

Camouflage 4 Piece Wedding Accessories Collection
In the last few years I have seen a growing trend among brides and it is the camouflage wedding theme. If your fiancé is an avid hunter or fisherman, he will be thrilled to have you plan a camouflage wedding. Here are a few tips for creating a special camouflage wedding day:

• Choose floor length dresses in dark green fabric for your bridesmaids, and put the groomsmen in traditional black or dark gray tuxes. They can wear vests and ties made of camo fabric.

• Move the wedding outside. A camo wedding celebrates the great outdoors. Use lots of greenery in your decorations. Simple wildflowers would be a great accent.

• Carry the camouflage wedding theme over to the reception. Use camo fabric for tablecloths and napkins. Scatter silk leaves over the tables, and add small wildlife statues to the centerpieces.

• Slide a sexy satin camo garter up your leg for your groom to remove and toss to his groomsmen.

• Use camouflage wedding accessories such as your guest book, ring bearer pillow or flowergirl basket.

I really like the idea of a camouflage wedding theme. It's a creative wedding trend among outdoor enthusiasts, and it's certainly a unique way to celebrate the beginning of your life together. Just don't use too much camo or your guests wont' be able to spot you.


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  1. I know I am late but I love this post. Thanks for the great ideas!



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