Personalized M & M Candy Favors

A creative and yummy wedding favor idea is m and m's as a classic tasty treat. With personalized favors becoming more and more popular, you can customize m and m's with up to 8 characters or even add a photo. How cool is that!? Personalized m and m's as your wedding favors are sure to bring a smile and happy memories to all your guests and guaranteed not to collect dust in someone’s curio cabinet.
If you decide you don’t want your candy personalized, you can easily match the colors of your wedding with m and m's which are available in 22 colors, plus they’ve recently added 3 new shimmer colors to their website. I like their trendy aqua and teal and even the classic wedding colors such as white and pink that will go quite nicely with multiple wedding themes.

One idea that seems to be popular and more economical is to look for the large bags that contain 18 'Fun Size' packages with the classic m and m colors in them. They have just enough in each little packet for one serving you can transfer to inexpensive tins, boxes, or organza bags for family and friends to take home as a tasty reminder of your special day.


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