Four Fabulous Wedding Favor Ideas

As most of the readers know by now my daughter is getting married and I am planning the wedding. Favors are the topic of discussion this week and I have to say with all the great ideas out there it is definately hard to choose. Here are my top four favorite wedding favor ideas.

Exquisite Silver Wreath Design Candle Holders

1. Votive Candle Holders  - I love candles as I think most people do. Not only can the votive holders be a great favor to send home with your guest but most of your guest will use the favor again at home. Votive candle holders can also be economical if you shop around.

Personalized Natural Bamboo Eco-Friendly Coasters
2. Eco-Friendly - Everyone is going green these days and so are favors. I have found many great eco-friendly favors from note pads to coasters.  I also love the ideas of flower seeds. A friend of mine gave flower seeds as the favor at her wedding with a lovely card that read; Love in Blossom.
3. Donations - Many people are decided these days to give to their favorite charity in stead of spending the money for favors and I love this idea. In the past few years my daughter and I have lost a few loved ones to cancer and I think making a donation to the American Cancer Society may be a wonderful way to honor them.

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4. Seasonal - I also love the idea of going with the seasons. Giving ornaments for winter themed weddings or fall leaf cookie cutter for a fall themed wedding. My daughters wedding will be a summer wedding and I have been thinking of raspberry ice tea mixes as the favor.

So many chooses but some many great ideas to choose from. Whatever favor you decide on should be something that fits in with the theme of your wedding. Make it fun and make it creative!! Good luck brides and mothers of the bride.


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