Make Your Black and White Pop with a Pattern

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Black and White. It's the go-to color scheme for brides that want simple and elegant. It's a clean, classic look that, let's face it, can be a little bit boring if not done well. One way to keep your guests from stifling a yawn over your decor and get them "oohing and ahhing" is to use a trendy pattern. The use of black and white damask patterns has become a popular choice for weddings. To vamp up this look a bit more, splashes of bright color can be used. Our favorites are Sunshine Yellow, Lipstick Pink, or Bermuda Blue. The end result is playful and modern, with a sophisticated nod to tradition.

As with any theme, there is the possibility of overdoing it. An ornate pattern and a bright color will automatically pull  eyes toward them. This means that too much of either will seem chaotic. Find ways to showcase both pattern and color in small touches. Other details can be left beautifully simple using primarily black or white. For example, a white tablecloth is an excellent backdrop for black and white damask favor boxes topped with a colorful ribbon. Other fun ways to feature a damask pattern are in things like bridesmaid dresses, the cake, and even the bride's own gown for our brave brides-to-be.

Black and Fuchsia Pink Filigree Favor Boxes with RibbonYour color accent should be bold and bright. Pink and red are seen most often paired with a black and white damask, but the choice is yours. Remember that you are looking for your color to pop, not overwhelm. It should be used sparingly and in places where it will create a high contrast. Save your color accent for things like the pocket square in a groomsman's tux, ribbons on your favors, and napkins at your place settings.

Don't forget the flowers! They are one of the best ways to use your ration of color. White Daisies with a sunny yellow center, bright pink Gerbera Daisies, or the classic Red Rose will all be eye-catching - and not only when you toss your bouquet!

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The most important tip, is to make it your own. This high drama look is trendy because everyone loves it. Just remember rules are made to be broken! One way to create variation in this look is by using a different pattern. For example, polka dots are another trendy pattern that creates a fun, vintage feel.

We can't wait to see what you come up with!


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