Choosing the Correct Favor Boxes for Your Wedding Favors

3 1/2 x 2 Large Bow Top Favor Boxes in Assorted Colors
If you want all the details to be just right on your wedding day consider using favor boxes for your wedding favors. Instead of just putting favors on the tables for the reception you can put them in beautiful favor boxes. Wedding favors are always very appealing when they come in adorable packaging. Here are some things that you need to consider when choosing favor boxes for your wedding guests.

-How big are the tables for the reception? How are the tables decorated? You need to take these two things into account because you do not want to get wedding favor boxes that are too large for the tables. Plus you want the boxes to look right on the tables.

Lime Green Filigree Floral Favor Boxes with Ribbon-You need to know what favors you will actually be putting into the wedding favor boxes so that they will fit appropriately. Make sure that you measure the favors so that they will fit into the boxes nicely.

- Decide what color of boxes you would like. Favor boxes can come in several different color options. This is the fun part. Pick colors that will coordinate well with your wedding colors and other decorations. Favor boxes when placed correctly can also be a part of the table d├ęcor.

To get some ideas for the wedding favor boxes you should shop around on the internet. There are great photos and ideas of how to incorporate the favor boxes onto your wedding tables. Talk to your friends and family to see what they suggest. They will be guests at your wedding after all, so why not have them help you choose the perfect wedding favors and boxes for your special day? They may have ideas that you never thought of.


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