Deciding on Serving Alcohol at you Wedding Reception?

Toasting the bride and groom with a glass of champagne has been a long standing tradition for many decades. When planning your wedding reception, decide early on if you are going to serve alcohol to your guests. It is just as proper to serve alcohol as it is to not serve it; after all, it’s your special day.

Having a dry reception can save you a lot of money. Serving non-alcoholic champagne, sparkling cider, or fruit punch filled in champagne glasses so your guests can toast the new bride and groom. The toast is a requirement the alcohol is not. Have a themed non-alcoholic drink such as flavored tea or Shirley Temples your guests are sure to enjoy.

If you decide alcohol is a must at your reception, verify with your caterer if they will provide and serve alcohol for you and how much it will cost. Determine the type of bar you would like and what your budget will allow. A beer and wine reception bar typically includes red and white wine, light and regular beer, soft drinks and non-alcoholic punch. You can also reserve special bottles of champagne for the toasting to the new bride and groom. Don't be shy about asking your guests to drink responsibly!

You can be very creative with whatever you decide and rest assured your family and friends will have the best time sharing this momentous occasion with you.

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