Get Inspired! Pretty Peacock Inspiration Board

There is something about seeing a peacock fan its magnificent feathers that just draws me in.  It's like I get sucked into this sort of wonderland and can't look away.  Before I know it, I find myself staring in awe and amazement.  Peacocks are truly one of the most beautiful of God's creations and have thus inspired me to create a wedding palette in celebration of their majestic colors.  I bring you cobalt blue with emerald and lime green.  Heeeello fabulous.  Happy Planning! ~ Allie

Cobalt Blue and Green Wedding Inspiration Board

Top: Peacock image from Flickr, bridesmaids dresses via
Middle: Green hydrangeas wedding bouquet courtesy of Blooms by Martha Andrews, blue and green satin slipper shoes via Kate Kelly Photography, blue dahlia ring from Floria of, diamond and sapphire engagement ring courtesy of Kate Kelly Photography.
Bottom: Letterpress invitation from Bella Figura, groomsmen photo op courtesy of Our Labor of Love, white satin wedding shoes courtesy of Ryan Phillips Photography, peacock feather headpiece from Piper Riley Designs via

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  1. I love it. I was thinking about this the other day! I love the colors and everything. Seriously thinking.. Hard.


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