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Who doesn't love the look of black and white photo strips? There is just something about that curtained off compartment that brings out the fun side in anyone. If you are planning a wedding or event, I'm sure you have come across the Photo Booth Trend that is sweeping across the special event scene. It is just too adorable not to discuss, just on the off chance someone has yet to view some of the wacky photos produced by giddy guests and crazy props. 
There are a couple ways to pull this off. If you have the money, but little manpower, the easiest thing to do is to rent a photo booth. Places like can bring the booth to you. All you have to do is provide the guests... and possibly the alcohol. These photo booths can produce the vintage looking photo strips we all love or the more modern photo collages we have come to expect when we come across a photo booth at a mall or amusement park.

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If you have more imagination, but less of a budget, you can set up your own photo booth. It can either be manned by a friend and a good digital camera on a tripod, or by your fabulous wedding photographer. Backdrops can be as simple as a brick or solid painted wall. You can also provide a few different backdrops in the form of patterned sheets (crisply pressed, of course).
A great way to encourage guests to take a fun photo is to provide a prop box and hand out favor bags with an assortment of props inside. Some of the most popular props are  mustaches and lips on sticks in the style of traditional masquerade masks. These props can be found at numerous places, including MaroDesigns on They can also be easily made by the more crafty brides and party planners. Other fun props are oversized frames, huge sunglasses, and wigs. This would be a good time to head to a local consignment shop or ask friends to donate their old halloween costumes for the night. Chalkboards and dry erase boards allow guests to write funny or heart felt messages to you in their photo.
These photos will be your favorites of the day. They will capture your friends and family as you know, love, and tolerate them. If you keep the digital file of the photos you can also have them printed and sent to guests as Thank You's for as little as $0.30 a print at local photo centers.

Happy Memory Making!


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