Dressing Up a Black Tie Affair


Put a fresh spin on your black and white color scheme with an adorable Tux and Gown themed wedding, engagement party, or shower. This look is a little bit retro and a little bit cute with a clean and simple color palette that adds a little class. For a formal wedding it is probably most suitable to pick and choose just a few of these elements to accent your event here and there. For casual weddings or bridal showers, you could extend the theme to every aspect of the decor to create a really fun look. This would be best for a couple who doesn't take themselves too seriously. 
Play up this theme with black and white accents in other areas. The Tux and Gown items can be paired with white guest towels or napkins printed in black with the words "Mr. and Mrs."  Miniature bow ties could be made easily out of fabric or paper for napkin rings. Use tulle or lace as accents as well. This will give the impression of a wedding dress or veil around candles, centerpeices, and chair covers. This is a look that is meant to be fun! Creative use of the tux or gown in unexpected places, such as salt and pepper shakers or on sugar cookies, is sure to bring a smile to your guests faces. Click here for more inspiration!


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