Easy Ideas for Edible and Fun Fall Wedding Favors

Fall isn’t that far away and for brides who are planning fall weddings it’s time to start thinking favors. Here are a few easy, edible and fun fall wedding favor ideas.

4 x 4 Personalized Green Granny Smith Apple BoxesCaramel or Candy Apples:

For this fun favor I would make both candy and caramel apples to give your guest a variety. This would be great project for getting a group of your girlfriends or bridesmaids together. Crack open a bottle of wine and spend the evening making beautiful apple treats for all of your guest. The apples can be displayed nicely using apple favor boxes that can be personalized with your names and wedding date.

Candy :

Another creative and money saving idea is making chocolate candy leaves. The molds can usually be found very easily at any craft store with directions on how to make the chocolate candies. Maple candies are also a nice fall treat. Look for a recipe on line and place a few candies in either a fall favor bag or a beautiful fall leaf favor box.

Fall Leaf Cookie Cutter Favors
Fall Leaf Cookies :

Cookies are a fabulous fall wedding favor. To incorporate the fall theme make the cookies in the shape of maple leaves. If you are not much of a baker, use a store bought sugar cookie dough. You can either make or buy red, orange and green icing to match your cookies with your fall color wedding theme. The cookies, like the candies can be placed in a small favor bag and tied with ribbon. You could even give each one of your guest there own leaf shaped cookie cutter as a favor.

Any of the above ideas would be a creative and economical fall favor for your wedding. Edible wedding favors are becoming more and more popular. Set up a candy and cookie buffet and use all three ideas. Your guest will love it!


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