Something old, something new, something vintage inspired...

Whether you call it vintage, shabby chic, rustic, french bohemian, or country, the theme draws inspiration from the same place - real life with a touch of whimsy and a strong dose of nostalgia. Styles like these remind everyone of a more innocent and playful time in our lives when we were playing dress up in grandma's attic and catching fire flies in mason jars.
The great thing about this effect is that it is so easy to create! Thrift stores, attics, garage sales, and junk yards (yes, I did say junk yards) are just begging to be picked through to find the perfect something old to be your something new!  Mason jars, various mismatched wine glasses, vases, and toasting flutes can be found in abundance at these places for next to nothing. Also, never underestimate what can be found for free in some of the above mentioned places. Of course it takes a little work to clean it up and make it fabulous, but that is part of the fun!
You can play up this theme by incorporating vintage accessories in your wedding as well. Cute vintage inspired flasks and engraved compacts with an old hollywood look would be great gifts for the wedding party. Lacey flower girl baskets and accessory sets also fit right in. Check out the pictures below for more inspiration!

Photo Credit:
Vintage Inspired Flask, Flower Girl Basket, Round Compact, and Ivory Favor Boxes - All other images courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes Blog.

Have fun!

~ Jenna

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