Breaking Away From Traditional Bridesmaid Dresses

More and more brides today are breaking away from traditional taffeta bridesmaids gowns and opting for more modern, wear-again dresses.  Long gone are the days of puffy sleeves and matchy-matchy attire.  Brides want their bridesmaids to feel just as beautiful as they do on their wedding day.  With that in mind, traditional bridal stores are no longer the shops of choice to find dresses.  Brides are breaking barriers and finding their inspiration in all venues, from small boutiques to large corporation chains.
Silk Georgette Dresses by Kostas Murkudis
These beautiful sheer silk georgette dresses are designed by Kostas Murkudis and available at  Talk about a horse of a different color.  These stunning dresses come in 143 colors with a possible 21,000 color combinations when you layer one on top of the other.  The possibilities are endless.  Such a fabulous way to give your bridesmaids wearable fashion while still meeting your wedding day vision.  Check out all the other color options over at style bubble.

J Crew Bridesmaids via Goode Green Photography
Other increasingly popular spots for finding bridesmaids dresses are chain stores like anthropologie and jcrew.  Choosing a corporate store is a great way to keep all your bridesmaids in the same dresses but still give them a dress they will love.  Because, many stores will be able to inventory a larger number of the same dress style.  Another great idea is to choose a different style for each girl but the same color.  Many larger corporations will carry multiple dress styles and will be able to provide many of them in the same color.  Give your girls the color you want, the store, and tell them to go shopping. (Above photo credit - J Crew bridesmaids dresses courtesy of goode green photography)

More adventurous brides have opted to mix-and-match their gown styles by hitting local thrift shops and vintage stores.  The upside of going this route is that your dresses are likely to be very inexpensive and one-of-a-kind. may have to set aside a lot of time and dedication to finding dresses in the right sizes and ones that match your color scheme.

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  1. I believe that if your bridesmaids are happy with their dresses and look stunning they will give you and everyone else a lot of pride and pleasure and a wedding day to remember.


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