How To Wedding Shop Safely Online

Online shopping is one of the hottest trends for brides today. Online shopping saves brides both money and time. It’s so much easier to go online and order all of your wedding favors or accessories without standing in line at the store or running all over town on your lunch break or day off. Here are a few tips on how to make sure you are shopping online safely:

• Look for third-party seals of approval. Companies can put these seals on their sites only if they abide by a set of rigorous standards, such as how personal information can be used. Two seals to look for are from Better Business Bureau Online and McAfee Secure, which means the site is tested for safety daily. If you see the seals, always click them to make sure they link to the organization that created them. Unscrupulous merchants have been know to put these logos on their Web sites without permission.

• Look for signs that the Web site protects your data. On the Web page where you enter your credit card or other personal information, look for an s after http (https://) in the Web address of that page. Encryption is a security measure that scrambles data on its journey through the Internet.

• Make sure there is a small, closed padlock. Usually it’s in the address bar or on the lower right corner of the window, though sometimes the padlock may be somewhere else on the page.

So get your fingers to work and shop, shop till you drop. Online shopping is the fun, fast and now the safe way to shop because you know what to look for. Good luck and happy shopping!


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