Ice Cream Wedding Buffet Ideas

Photo credit - http://www.bridefly.comI absolutely love the idea of having an ice cream buffet instead of a candy buffet for your wedding. We have been withering away in the heat this summer and what a great way to cool off your guest but with a nice scoop of ice cream. Having an ice cream buffet at your wedding reception also adds an element of summer time fun to your event. Guests will love customizing their own sundaes with a variety of toppings.

Here are some ideas for creating your own ice cream buffet.


Fill a metal or plastic tub with ice to keep your ice cream cold. If possible I would have a friend, family member or caterer serve the ice cream to avoid messy situations. There are also many companies on the internet that will rent soft serve ice cream machines.


This is when the fun begins. Add all of your favorite toppings to the buffet table. You can use large glass jars or bowls and fill them with shaved coconut, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles or even fresh fruit. Of course you will want to include hot fudge and caramel. Be creative and add lots of color to your buffet table with different toppings.


Find some cute ice cream sudae dishes. The dishes can also be a favor to your guest if you send them home with the dishes. Another idea for dishes would be to use personalized plastic cups. You can have the cups personalized for your wedding and have your guest make their yummy sundaes in the cups.

Now you have all you need to create a beautiful ice cream buffet for your wedding. Go all out; ice cream brings out the child in us all. Happy Shopping!!


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