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While helping plan one of our customer's family reunions it really got me thinking that I should share some of her creative ideas with our blog readers. Planning a family reunion should be fun and a shared expense. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your next family reunion.

Do not party plan alone, you’re not Martha Stewart! Get together with some family members and assign different committees. This will ensure that the family reunion runs smoothly and you will not be overwhelmed with too much to do. Break the committees down into small groups such as, invitation committee, food committee, events committee, budget committee and clean-up committee.

Planning a theme for the family reunion would be a fun idea. The customer I was speaking to told me that their theme was Hollywood. Everyone is dressing up like their favorite actor/actress or character from a movie. Their last name is Harding so the personalized favor bags she was ordering were going to read, Hardingwood… Where Everyone is a Star! How cute is that.

5 x 3 x 8 Personalized Petite Paper Party Favor Bags with Handles
Each family member is going to receive their personalized goodie bag as they walk the “red carpet” into the family reunion. You can stuff the bags with small snacks; travel size sunscreen lotion and mosquito spray if the party is going to be an outside event.

If you don't have a theme idea or don't want a theme, another great idea is to plan your reunion around a special event, such as Aunt Sue’s 90th Birthday party. This not only brings the entire family together but it also makes the reunion much more special to everyone.

No matter how you decide to plan your family reunion, whether it is at a park, a campground or a beautiful hotel. Don’t forget to keep it simple and fun for all family members involved.


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  1. What great ideas, I can't wait to give them a try Thanks!


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