My Daughters Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Hale
I have mentioned my daughters wedding in a few of my blogs this year and I am happy to announce that my daughters' wedding was on August 14th, 2010. I am finally sitting down and reflecting on the wedding and everything that we have accomplished in the past months. This has been a very exciting time for my daughter, as well as our entire family. If I could offer any advice at all it would be that organization is the key!!

The final few days before the wedding the organization really started to slip out the window and believe me things got rocky.

Daniel Dale and Addison Lee
1. Make an agenda for the week before the wedding. There are family members and guest coming into town that are going to want to have lunch or dinner or just hang out. You need to know what your schedule is so you won't run behind or be late for wedding planned events.

2. I found it easiest to invite others to help me with what I was doing. When my sisters told me they were coming over, I told them to grab some ribbons and help me make bows for the centerpieces. Everyone is always welcome to lend a helping hand when asked.

My Beautiful girls; Megan & Morgan
3. One of the biggest mistakes we made was having my other daughter do her sisters hair and make-up. She spent so much time with her sister that she almost didn't have time to do her own and we were a few minutes behind getting down the aisle. The organized bride should have a professional or someone that is not in the wedding do her hair and make-up to allow for the amount of time that is needed.

4. I was definately prepared with sewing kits, bobby pins, nail glue and saftey pins. All of these things were needed. Don't forget to make a special emergency bag to have on hand when hair styles and finger nails start to fail.

My daughters wedding day turned out to be a beautiful day. I enjoyed every minute of it.
Here's to you Morgan and Randy. I love you both!!


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