A Picture Perfect Wedding Theme

We all know that there is no such thing as a picture perfect couple, but if you have it pretty close check out these ideas to make it your wedding or anniversary party theme!

Step one, find your favorite pictures of you and your significant other. Find as many as possible and if you don't have enough, take more! This would be a good time to display engagement pictures or wedding photos if this is for an anniversary.

Use small picture frames in various styles to hold place cards and photos of the happy couple.
Photo Credit: My Wedding Reception Ideas

Use pictures in varying heights to create centerpeices. You can also create photo luminaries like the ones shown here by printing photos on vellum or thinner paper and llluminating from behind with lights and candles. These look very striking when the photo is in black and white.
Photo Credit: littleblacksheepshop.com
Have a picture frame photo booth! These are so cute and simple to make if you know someone slightly handy. You can really make this match your style and color scheme with the wall paper, paint, and frames you choose. Use fun shaped frames for a more fun look and traditional style frames for a vintage feel.
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Messina via A Cup of Jo Blog
Have your photographer photograph the bride and groom using a large picture frame a prop.
Photo Credit: The Nichols

This adorable "Picture Perfect" Cake Topper" would be a great way to tie the whole theme together.
Photo Credit: My Wedding Reception Ideas

Take digital photos of guests as the enter the reception hall or as they greet you in the receiving line. You can have your photographer upload them directly to a computer and put them into a slideshow to play later on in the reception. You can also use the photos to create personalized thank you post cards after your event.
Photo Credit: WeddingChicks.com
This is definitly not the theme for the camera shy, but don't be concerned with having too many pictures of yourself plastered about. Your family and friends are sharing your day because they already love seeing your shining happy faces whenever they can!

~ Jenna

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