The Appeal of an Apple Theme Wedding

While most people think pumpkins, leaves, and gourds are the way to go for an autumn theme, apples definitely come to my mind as the perfect autumn fruit! This would be a great way to go for the couple who loves autumn, but doesn't want their fall wedding to be just like all the others. The fun thing about an apple theme is that you can play off red, green, or yellow as your main color!

I, myself, am a fan of red delicious apples. They are the most traditional looking apple and because they are red, would incorporate a more traditionally autumn color scheme. You can pull colors from favorite apple desserts, such as caramel apples and apple pie, by grouping your deep, shiny apple red with a pallette made of caramel, a lighter shade of golden brown (think pie crust),  and a creamy ivory. The inspiration board below, courtesy of TheCakeBlog.Com, is an example of just how lovely an apple red wedding can be. It also shows how red, while typically considered dramatic, can also give a wholesome and earthy feel when used in the right places and combined with more subdued colors.

If you want your autumn wedding to look even more unique, try basing your colors around green and yellow apples. The muted yellow of a golden delicious apple and the vibrant green of a granny smith are both gorgeous shades.  Yellow would be wonderful paired with a September Sky Blue, reminding one of corn fields against a blue sky right before the harvest. Either yellow or green will look fabulous with a rich chocolate brown. If you prefer green, these apples are easy to find and will give the most unexpected color pallette for your fall wedding. These images, also found on TheCakeBlog.Com, show how a green and brown wedding offers an autumn feel with a modern flair.

Just in case you haven't gotten inspired enough, I wanted to offer a few suggestions on favors and decor. Cute apple peelers or boxed caramel apples are wonderful favors. Hot cider mixes or tiny jugs of spiced cidar are also unique ways to thank your guests for joining you. Don't forget about apple butter, mini apple pies, or applesauce - all easily made at home or purchased at bakeries and farmer's markets at this time of year. Of course you'll want to use  fresh apples in your centerpieces and decor. It isn't necessary to go too overboard with them, but clever touches like the adorable apple swag below will make guests smile. Swags can also be made of dried apple slices in all colors. You can use clean wooden sticks taken from nature to create decorative handles for your carmel apples. These ideas will help create a traditionally fall, crafty and wholesome look.  Get started on these delicious projects now! After all, there are only a few months to enjoy the season!
(Photo Credit Clockwise: Apple Swag: FactoryDirectCrafts.Com, Apple Cidar Mix: MyWeddingReceptionIdeas.Com, Apple Cake: TheWeddingWire.Com, Love's A Peel Apple Peeler: MyWeddingReceptionIdeas.Com)



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