Black and White Wedding Themes for the Fall

I do love the fall and all of the beautiful colors of fall, but not all brides want to use oranges, reds and greens for their wedding colors. Black and white fall weddings are becoming more common, even traditional. The black and white trend leans heavily toward old Hollywood and retro wedding themes which is a hot trend for 2010.

The best thing about a black and white wedding theme is the color. It is easy to match napkin colors, linens and accessories to this theme. It is also easy to add a punch of color to a black and white theme as well. Red roses as a wedding bouquet with a black and white theme are stunning. Adding a touch of red or a metallic to this theme will only add to the elegance but don't over do it, this is a black and white theme after all.

Of course the bride in white and the bridesmaids in black. There are also lovely wedding dresses that are available with black accents, that are throwbacks to the stunning dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in the movie Sabrina. This again points back to the old Hollywood style.

For decorations, use white mums and white pumpkins to decorate the tables and reception hall. Tie a black silk ribbon around a white pumpkin and you have created a simple but beautiful centerpiece.

To me a black and white wedding is classic and the most elegant. The black and white theme makes me think of top hats and ladies wearing gloves. Candles as far as the eye can see and as much glamour as you can possible stand.


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  1. This is my 3rd marriage and I'm going super cheap...ceremony at the courthouse & black & white & silver for the reception at a local legion club. I'm wearing a black & silver glitter gown that I wore once several years & white & silver is cheaper to find or make elegant yet simple decorations. I made my bouquet for under $10 thanks to Hobby Lobby & watching for their 50% off sales on floral, ribbon, etc. & using coupons off their websites...Gina in Petersburg, NE


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