Carve Out a Place for Pumpkin Centerpieces!

September has quickly come to a close. For a lot of October and November brides the mad dash to create beautiful fall centerpieces has just begun. Luckily, our latest blog posts have offered many ideas on easy fall decor. I wanted to add to that list by focusing strictly on my favorite - the pumpkin.
I'm not talking about jack-o-lanterns with spooky faces. Of course if you are planning a spookily elegant Halloween wedding, I am all for it! But the pumpkin has much more  to offer than just being the missing head to the headless horseman. It can be carved to create beautiful centerpieces that add a warm glow to a romantically lit reception.  Table numbers and monograms can be scrolled into the pumpkin. Simple designs can also be added for either centerpiece pumpkins or lanterns to light outdoor walkways and aisles. Mini pumpkins can be quickly converted into votive candle holders as well!
Photo Credit:  Pumpkin Monogram from Marry Monograms. Pumpkin Topiary from Southern Living. Poka dots and Flower Pumpkin Trio from Crafty Nest.  Mini Pumpkin Votives from Totally Table Tops Blog. Polka Dot Pumpkin from Lacour Photography via Picasa Web. Lovers Silhouette Pumpkin from Masterpiece Pumpkins. Pumpkin Walkway from Southern Living.
I'm sure at this point, some of you are in love with the idea of carving pumpkins for your wedding or fall dinner party but are not confident about your skill. Don't worry! All lettering, designs, and monogramming can be printed off your computer and easily transferred to the pumpkin using carbon paper or a pattern tracer. This small tool has a spiked wheel that is used to trace around the pattern and will leave a perforated line to guide the carving. These can be purchased either in the sewing aisle (for tracing sewing patterns typically) or in the inexpensive pumpkin carving kits that are almost anywhere this time of year. Once the design is in place, there are a variety of tools that can be used to carve out the image. Get your groom involved by allowing him to take his jigsaw and drill to carefully cut out the image. X-acto knives or utility knives are also great tools for pumpkin carving. A steak knife... not so much. The simplest, yet one of the most beautiful, pumpkins I have seen simply used a drill to create perfectly round polka dots all over the pumpkin. Use a variety of drill bit sizes to create larger and smaller holes.
The gooey mess that is scooped out before carving the pumpkin can actually serve a purpose! Place it all in a strainer and use cold water to rinse away the pulp surrounding the seeds. Bake the seeds following the recipe of your choice and voila! A tasty fall snack that could also serve as a fun favor! Even if only placed in a candy dish on the table, the roasted seeds are sure to be a hit!
Off to the pumpkin patch!
~ Jenna

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