Custom Rubber Return Address Stamps

Add flair to your wedding stationery or everyday letters with a custom rubber return address stamp complete with your name(s), address, monogram and/or design.
Custom Calligraphy Return Address Stamp from Primele of
I absolutely love this idea because it makes a seemingly tedious task super easy.  You can address your wedding invitations in half the time it would take to do them by hand and yet they still will look elegant and custom made.  (Much prettier than the alternative option of stick-on labels that can sometimes end up looking cheap.)  The best part about rubber stamps is you will never have to worry about your hands cramping up after addressing...oh say....400 wedding invitations or so  (I wish I would have seen these a year ago when sending my wedding invites out.  Alas....).  Better yet, after your wedding you will always have them on hand for all your stationery needs.  From thank you cards and holiday greeting cards to everyday bills.

The beautiful return address stamp above is from Primele of  Featuring a custom calligraphy look, Primele's stamps are priced around $60.  While the price may seem a bit steep, learn from my mistakes and remember to ask yourself..."What am I willing to spend to save myself from carpal tunnel..." To check out this beautiful stationery must-have and more, visit Primele at

For the ultra-creative, you can opt to make your own rubber stamps.   While I would not recommend this project to just any DIY'er, I have faith in our readers.  To learn more, check out these step-by-step tutorials on rubber stamp making here and here.

Happy Planning!


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