How to Throw a Fun and Unique Bachelorette Party

Are you tired of the same old bachelorette party, with the same food and games? If you are getting married or you are a maid of honor that needs to plan a bachelorette party, I have some tips on how to make your bridal shower one of the best.

Invitations: Magnets are a great choice when it comes to invitations. There are so many varieties and themes to choose from. Also, they won’t get lost in a pile of mail on someone’s desk; they will be hung on the refrigerator.

Location: This can be tricky depending on the budget but whether you have the party at a beach house, hall or at your home; you can make it the best with good food, friends and fun!

Cocktails: Plan on having a signature drink that you name after the bride to be. Don’t make it complicated, just add a splash of fruit juice or liquor to her favorite drink and make it something special. Of course you are going to need some fun drink glasses to go along with the signature drinks. Personalized cups or koozies are a creative accent to your party but they are also a fun gift for everyone to take home.

Food: I definitely recommend doing an over the top dessert table. This is a great chance for the bride to splurge right before the big day. If you are doing a theme, such as pink, make all of the cupcakes, cookies, candies and cake in different shades of pink. The dessert table will add to the décor of the party. Of course you should also have some real food to eat. Hors D'oeuvres or finger foods are much more fun and allow your guest to munch all night long. Try cutting chicken salad sandwiches out with heart shaped cookie cutters or fruit and cheese kabobs are another fun idea. If you can’t think of fun finger foods you can always serve the food on some fun platters. Add dazzle to appetizers by serving them on mirror or marble tiles.

For the décor: Choose bright and bold colors to make the party that much more fun! Hot pink and lime green or orange. The more color the better. Try to use lots of beads and feathers to give texture to your centerpieces. Go all out. This is the last bash before the wedding day. The more feather boas and rhinestones the better. This will be a party that all your friends and family will talk about for years to come!



  1. And most important of them all - DONT GET THE BRIDE DRUNK early in the night!!! I see this happening all the time. Brides to be fall over within 1st hour of the party. Its terrible.

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  2. Yes, bachelorette parties should be remembered for good fun and good friends, not for the craziness. Like these ideas to make things a little different, yet still keep things classy and elegant.


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