Add a Touch of Fall To Your Wedding Cake

Fall has become one of the most popular times of the year for weddings and brides are always looking for new and fun ways to add the feeling of fall to every part of the wedding. Here are few ways to add a unique seasonal touch to your fall wedding cake:

When you think fall you automatically think pumpkin! Pumpkin or spice flavored wedding cake would be a great way to incorporate the season into your wedding cake. Some other flavors that can be used for fall would be coffee, butterscotch, caramel, cinnamon or apple. Wedding cupcakes have become increasingly popular. This is a great way to incorporate several flavors of cake and also offer your guest a variety.

The color palette for fall of course is orange, red, yellow and brown. Not all fall weddings have to be this color. If you want to match your cake to your wedding colors, simply think fall shapes. You can add fall leaf shapes, or acorns to the cake without the color. Ask you baker to make ivory, white or gold marzipan acorns, leaves or pumpkins to embellish the cake. A simple but beautiful ivory cake with sugar maple leaves is another way to go.

Another great ideas is to use the same flowers that you are using in you bouquet on the wedding cake. If you are using burnt orange calla lilies, sunflowers, yellow roses or even acorns you can incorporate those flowers into the cake design to add a special touch of fall.

If you have decided to not go with a seasonal cake design at all you can always think of other ideas to add fall into the dessert. Serve a scoop of pumpkin flavored ice cream on the side of the cake or you can incorporate a fall themed candy buffet with lots of caramel, butterscotches and candy corns and other yummy treats of the season. Just make it special for you and it will be a fall wedding you will always remember.


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