Nothing But Blue Skies with this Bluebird Wedding Theme

As the days get chilly and autumn sets in, our blue skies are numbered for this year. That doesn't mean we have to wait for warmer days to create a Blue Skies and Bluebirds wedding theme inspired by the classic song "Blue Skies" as sung by Frank Sinatra. The lyrics  invoke feelings of both nostalgia for simpler times and optimism for a new love, particularly the whimsical line that reads "bluebirds singing a song, nothing but blue birds all day long."  To create a look that gives off similar vibes, think vintage bluebirds and a soft French blue paired with white or other muted colors like khaki and pale yellow. You could also use a soft tawny brown like the color often found on a bluebird's breast. 
As with any theme, you don't have to overdo it and stamp a blue bird on every table, fork, and favor. Weave subtle reminders in and out of your decor with a focus on making everything appear as if it came together naturally. Feathered and flowered headpieces are increasingly popular and look as if they have been crafted artfully from objects found outdoors. On the same note, tiny birds nests with blue candy-coated chocolate eggs make novel little favors for your guests. For outdoor weddings in the warmer months, presenting guests with a blue hand fan will complete the feeling of stepping into a Jane Austen novel. Top the wedding cake with adorable bride and groom bluebirds.

Photo Credit: Row 1- Images 1 and 2 by Once Wed, Birds by Frances Janisch, Blue Bird Gift Set by Gift, Blue Bridal Shoes by Perfect Details, Blue Wedding Gown by RS Couture via Wedding, Bluebird gift tags by Shanna Michele Designs, Bluebird cake top by Country Squirrels R Us, Bluebird Invite by Jak Heath, Blue-Silk Wedding Fan at My Wedding Reception, Bluebird's Nest by Beverly Tharp, Flower Hairpiece by Twigs and Honey, Khaki and blue tux by Elizabeth Messina, Blue Cupcakes by Lolita Jayne Scarlet

While this would make for a beautiful outdoor wedding on a summer's day, it might be refreshing for guests to step out of the cold of the later months and into the warm and cozy atmosphere you have created. If you would like to keep your wedding theme relevant to the season, you could always pair your blues with shades of brown for fall. For winter, think birch trees and use black and white to accent your blue. After all, everyone loves seeing little birds huddled on snowy branches with their feathers fluffed out. It is a metaphor for facing the elements and beating the odds, which as a married couple, you will undoubtedly do. Don't forget to cuddle up with your groom and sway on the dance floor to the song that inspired it all!
~ Jenna

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